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  • Amnesia
    184K 9.2K 50

    When Alice Reed awakens from her coma, she's met with nothing. Literally. She wakes up in a house she doesn't remember is hers. Her family? Whoever they are, they're gone now. She has no memory of anything in her past after a fatal accident. Clueless, she wanders the unfamiliar city where she finds old friends whom sh...

  • Recovery (Amnesia Sequel)
    8.9K 534 6

    Alice Reed has regained most of her memory, along with her family. But something is changing within not only the infected, but people she knows. Can Alice and the group continue to get along and survive through the changes and the upcoming winter? Or will everything finally take its toll?

  • The Renegade Chronicles #Wattys2017
    40.9K 13.4K 47

    Chaos... Deceit... Despair... These qualities tremendously threatens the Philippines as the fight for immortality between the clans: Marias, Concepcions and Rosarios continues to haunt for centuries. Gerald, a Concepcion is promoted to be one of the professional fighters of their clan. In his adventures in finding the...