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  • Sleeping Pregnant
    472 12 1

    Imagine waking up from a coma after 5 years.Now imagine waking up up from a coma after 5 years in the middle of child labor. Aurora awakens from her deep sleep a confused twenty one year old mother who must protect herself and her child from witches, an arranged marriage, and all the things that go bump in the night. ...

  • Halloween Baby
    595 1 1

    Nancy D. Goes into labour on Halloween.. Or does she?!?

  • The Cursed Birth of the Wyvernic
    22.5K 119 6

    Princess Galadra is over joyed to discover she is pregnant with he Crown Prince's child, further securing the line of succession for the Wyvernic Empire. All seems well until her due date passes without incident. What appears to be a slightly overdue pregnancy becomes more sinister as Galadra continues to carry the st...

    Completed   Mature
  • Birth Stories
    16.8K 46 4

    A collection of short-stories about the magical experience of giving birth. Stories here are written by beautiful women around the world.

  • PUSH!!!
    22.5K 149 6

    Pregnancy and childbirth is an experience like no other. In fact it is nothing short of a miracle. Thousands of babies are born every day but every experience is different. It is often portrayed as easy or taken for granted that it will all be plain sailing but as a mother myself I know this is not always the case. ...