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  • My Playboy || Completed
    7.6M 296K 43

    "Jimin I swear I will kill you if you come any closer." I slowly back away. "Alright, if you says so." He grin, sitting on the edge of the bed. "Where am I? Where's my clothes? And what happen last night???!! "You're at my house right now........ And last night? It was amazing." Jimin smirked. "Never thought you would...

  • SELFIE | p.jimin
    3.5M 147K 66

    - that selfie was so hot, park jimin!!!?? tf u want?- - i want to ride you so bad, daddy ew... kys - || txts and chapters || dirty and kinky || a l...

    Completed   Mature
  • Misfits || BTS ||
    1.8M 100K 46

    Rather than being frightened of them, I find vampires intriguing.. I find myself observing their eyes, everyday at school. Figuring out the emotion they were showing when they're talking to friends or getting pissed off by some person. Some students only thought that a vampire's eyes are beautiful since th...

    Completed   Mature
  • sweet temptation | liskook
    87.3K 4.6K 22

    ❝in which two idols accidentally meet and their lives become tangled just like cotton candy.❞ ©fluffsack 2017 published: 30/01/17 completed: -

  • [1/3] The Jerk Jungkook | J.JK ✔
    750K 25.2K 37

    Bad Boy Series: 1/7 He's a liar, an asshole, a cheater, a fuckboy, but he's my husband. ○●○●○●THIS IS MY FIRST STORY○●○●○● ::PG 13:: ::Mild language, A bit of sexual content:: 10/14/16 - 11/17/16 『Highest for fanfiction: #94』 4/5/18「Highest in 방탄소년단 : #7」 4/20/18「Highest in Angst: #15」 5/12/18「Highest in BT...

  • Mr Arrogant || kth. » book 1
    15M 634K 43

    she dreads to get to school because of one name. ; high school au, tsundere!taehyung lmao » under edit » #4 in fanfiction on 171222

  • Mr Arrogant || kth. » book 2
    8.1M 376K 43

    "haven't we met?" his eyes whispered and i had sudden flashbacks of us. it's been long, kim taehyung. ; pretend marriage au, tsundere!taehyung lmao but softer » sequel to mr arrogant book 1

    Completed   Mature