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  • Ask/Dare UNDERFELL Papyrus/Papy/Red
    576 36 10

    Red: Can I go now? Me: No. Ask or dare Papyrus anything! Red: Can I go now? Me: -_- what do YOU think? Red: Yes? Me: -_- No. Red: How about now? Me: Start asking or daring Papyrus!

  • Cop & Thief, a PJxAnia story (ON HOLD)
    11.9K 595 12

    So Yeah, my second Paperania story. Guess who's the badass in this one?

  • Super Psycho Love (killer! Ania X Cop! PJ)
    22.9K 1.1K 58

    that's right! I made another Ania X PJ this time I based it off a story I read and absolutely loved BTW. it was by @Francoolmai it is called. Cop & Thief, a PjXAnia story. Pretty amazing book probably 1/10 books that can make me fangirl so hard. So please check her out. Ania is a psychotic killer with only one goal...

    Completed   Mature
  • Ask/Dare REAPERTALE Sans/ Reaper/ Death
    1.2K 34 6

    Reaper: Books aren't KILLER if you don't have me in it! Me: Don't reap anyone, Death! Reaper: Do you think I want to? This job is the DEATH of me! Me: *chukles quietly* Anyways, Ask or Dare Reaper anything! : 3 And have a wonderful time!