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  • His Obsession (Werewolf|ManxMan|Mpreg) His Series: BOOK TWO (Will be rewritten)
    686K 26.3K 18

    BOOK 2 from His Rejection He wants me I'm scared of him He's obsessed with me I want to run away far away from him but the urge to seek his comfort was still there. My past, my nightmares still haunt me and I'm afraid to let him in, he's my weakness, my light shining in my dark heart but I'm scared and trapped. Josh...

  • You're mine, so deal with it..(BoyXBoy)
    32.4K 954 7

    (warning Boyxboy) Alex is a Vampire prince who run out of Vampire war with his sister and her mate (his best friend) and his shap shifter. what's going to happen when there are many enemies after him. What if he find his mate which turn to be a werewolf but not any werewolf he is an alpha.. have fun reading my book a...

  • The Vampire in the Attic (inuyasha fanfiction)
    14.3K 729 16

    I moved into this really cool old house on the hill, happy and in peace until I met him. The sexy vampire who lurks in the attic

  • Im a vampires slave and pregnant.
    13.5K 171 1

    I'm a vampires slave an pregnant . I had been sold at auction. And everything went downhill from there.