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  • Picture Perfect
    3.3K 125 4

    Camila Cabello enters the next chapter of her life; college. On the day of her high school graduation, she was told that she was accepted into a college that focused on extracurricular activities and talents, rather than academics and core subjects...meaning it was the school of her dreams. Upon arriving to the camp...

  • The Last Of Us
    60.2K 2K 13

    The six of them were all gifted with powers, growing up in a special camp where they were joined with other kids that had powers just like them. Though, as time went on and they got older...the others started to slowly vanish. When there's a surprise invasion on the camp, and they all get locked in various rooms tog...

  • The Last Of Us Book 2: The Leaders
    51.4K 2.1K 17

    This is the sequel to 'The Last Of Us'

  • The Last Of Us: The Invasion
    14.7K 552 9

    Third and final part of 'The Last Of Us' series

  • Swindle~Camren, Jerrie, & Ziam
    30.3K 879 12

    Lauren Jauregui is known as the person at school that can get her hands on anything. But, she runs into a bit of trouble when her best friend's (Perrie Edwards) family runs into a bit of a finance problem, and finds themselves having to move. When the two find a rare baseball card in the walls of Perrie's house (don...