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  • Safekeeping (Jumin x Reader)
    226K 8.2K 24

    *Contains storyline of human trafficking and suicide* Your life had been in turmoil up until now. Stolen from your home and shipped all over the world, you were now old enough to be sold permanently. At the auction you were bought by South Korea's leading business man: Jumin Han. But why?

  • Newlywed Struggles [Jumin Han x Reader] DISCONTINUED
    98.5K 2.7K 16

    MINOR SPOILERS IN JUMIN'S ROUTE, SO BEWARE. This is what happens when I'm finished with Jumin's route... SAD, BUT INSPIRATION~! Anyway... Original One-Shot: It hasn't been long, since you and Jumin have been married. The honeymoon was wonderful and your new husband is wonderful as well. You two were genuinely happy, b...

  • 707/Saeyoung x Reader , Forgiveness is the Mission
    41.3K 1.1K 36

    Y/n introduces Saeyoung to her family when she flies in for the holidays. However, she's forced to come face to face with her past and it's consequences. This story has many references, but is most particularly HEAVILY influenced by Corpse Party. It's contents contain blood, gore, horror, drama, and emotionally trauma...

  • One Gift (707 X Reader) [Discontinued]
    13.8K 547 12

    "I'll always love you, no matter how dangerous you see yourself to be." "Tha nk yo u." --- One life. One love. One gift. You had just met him out of nowhere. His messy red hair, yellow and black glasses... Is this a dream...? Was this truly a reality you were seeking...? Who knows. One gift may make up for your sins...

  • Mystic Messenger Boyfriend/Girlfriend Scenarios(Stopping For Awhile)
    37.9K 700 7

    Like the title said this is a Boyfriend and Girlfriend Scenarios. This book have: -707/Luciel/Saeyoung -Yoosung⭐/Yoosung Kim -Jaehee -Jumin -Unknown/Saeran -ZEN/ Ryu Hyun hope you guys like it!!

  • ✉ • Mystic Messenger One-Shots • ✉
    66.8K 2.2K 15

    What else can I say? I think the title says all :) ((I'm expecting this to mainly be Zen, but let's hope that's not the case...)) • I do not own any of the art or characters, unless specified. The images used for te cover aren't mine and the credits belong to the rightful owner. Since it was linked to Pinterest, I cou...

  • Loops {707 x Reader}
    189K 6.7K 55

    Y/N and Seven have been bestfriends ever since they were little, yes childhood friends. Y/N was homeless, so she was in an orphanage and played with Saeyoung when they went to church. Saeyoung has never introduced Saeran to Y/N, so she doesn't even know if Saeyoung even has a twin. But one day, Saeyoung dissapeared...

    Completed   Mature
  • Inside The Game (707 x Reader)
    54.5K 2.1K 15

    A girl who loves games finds a game called Mystic Messenger. She plays it all the time and has played the routes multiple times for each character. She loves one character the most, and he loves her too! He loves her enough to find a way to bring her to their world and see where her heart lies. Will she choose to sta...

  • ↞hacker's love↠
    137K 5.4K 8

    -BOOK 1 OF OUR HACKER'S LOVE SERIES- 707 X READER | LUCIEL X READER | Y/N is a professional hacker that works for the government and thinks she's the best. What if she has to work and live with someone who is better?

  • Saeyoung x Reader [COMPLETED]
    61.4K 2.7K 10

    TITLE: 9:16pm. A short story AUTHOR: HEATHER CREDITS: 8ko from Fb dedicated to Kurokocchi Hello! My name's Heather (@hectasawaka) and here are 10 chapters of a short story I've made in around 6hours. Each chapter will be published every week and will most likely be finished by December. The summary shall be kept a sec...

  • 707 x Reader (continued!)
    34.5K 1K 11

    You have known 707 for a while now. Over the years, you start to want to hang out with him more. Soon you find out your love for him. Can you confess before time runs out?

  • 707 X Reader || One-shots [Editing]
    150K 3.4K 14

    One-shots of the Mystic Messenger character 707!

  • 707 x Reader
    40.8K 726 6

    Saeyoung Choi (707) x Reader Fanfiction written by me.. I hope you enjoy!!! After I finish this one I'll be writing a Jaehee Kang x Reader so be ready if you want that

    Completed   Mature
  • Reunion ( Saeyoung x Reader )
    34.6K 871 16

    Saeyoung,Saeran and i have always been close friends since we were kids but then one day we departed and met again through an app. [ I hope that you enjoy this book even though i discontinued i may or may not continue the story later on the future ].

  • 707 One Shots~
    21.8K 824 8

    DEFENDER OF JUSTICE, SEVEN O' SEVEN. Yes, that is who this collection of one shots is about XD these are just some one shots I write out of pure boredom :') I do hope you enjoy. REQUESTS ARE OPEN!

  • Empathy || 707 [EDITING]
    276K 13.1K 27

    All she wanted was revenge. The Han's had ruined Y/N's life over a year ago and nothing was going to get in her way... except a flirtatious and rambunctious red haired hacker. [x Reader] [Mature content] [Religious topics involved] [RANKING: #1 IN MYSTIC-MESSENGER 6/16/18]

    Completed   Mature
  • mystic messenger.
    459K 15.4K 47

    luciel ; ( ad.) she talks about you like you put stars in the sky

  • Mystic Messenger One Shots
    150K 5.2K 34

    ***ACCOUNT PREVIOUSLY FROGGY2003*** WELCOME TO MY FABULOUS CORNER OF WATTPAD, and another one shots book! This time for the game of heartbreak! That right guys, *reads smudged writing off hand* Moose Messenger! Yep that's right, I think? (TEMPORARILY (?) DISCONTINUED)

  • Mystic Messenger Oneshots and lemons~♡
    319K 3.5K 24

    Its been so long since I wrote fanfics! I've recently found a new obsession, Mystic Messenger. That game messed up my mind, heart, feelings, life, basically everything. So here it is! Oh! and if you haven't heard of Mystic Messenger, dont. search. it. up. you will have multiple heart breaks and crushes. Stay innoc...

  • Mystic Messenger! Vines!
    105K 6.5K 90

    Just laugh dudes!!

  • When I'm With You [Zen X Reader]
    29.1K 935 7

    [Y/N] has been living happily with her boyfriend, Zen, for a year. Since then, the narcissistic albino had become quite popular in the entertainment industry. She finds herself facing romantic opponents, and especially one girl in particular: Lillian Swan.

  • {Eternal} ZEN X Reader
    42.5K 1.5K 30

    "No matter what happens, how deep the ditch, how tall the mountain, I'll always be with you Babe. Our love is eternal." [ ^^ ] After holding the party, Zen's home became yours too. Every moment with your love. What could possibly go wrong? ... "Let's look at it in a different perspective..." "-you see? You're p...

  • mystic messenger one shots
    23.7K 476 15

    mystic messenger one shots!! can't promise there won't be spoilers lol

  • Boyfriend Scenarios || Mystic Messenger
    192K 5.4K 14

    Some boyfriend scenarios based of off MM characters! Requests: OPEN I'll be doing: - Jumin - Seven - Yoosung - Zen - Searan {Cover by: @ToxicWolf}