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  • The wings of an eagle
    173 9 10

    Nothing is true, everything is permitted.

  • Eagle Flight (ON HOLD)
    658 45 3

    Roman empire- One victory- One leadership- One battle... The crowds are chanting One name, "AITIUS VITUS"

  • The Way I Feel [TW Romance]
    4K 5 22

    5 boys in a famous boyband called 'The Wanted' but their 5 sisters all fancy someone in the band. How could the boys react to their sisters fancying their band mates?

  • Trust me (A Jay McGuiness Fan Fiction) *ON HOLD*
    1.1K 25 3

    Im really sorry guys, I couldnt keep up with this and schoolwork, and sadly math homework is more important to my parents than fanfiction and surfing stories (crazy, I know) so i'm not going to be updating at all for a while but I still will be working on it, so when I start updating again, they shouldbe faster :). Ag...

  • The Alpha Meets The Rogue
    41M 790K 41

    Leila lived with her pack all her life. It was until she was forced into an arranged marriage that she ran away from home. She turned into a rogue and while running away from an Alpha, she ends up kidnapped by another one. The exception for this was one: this Alpha was her mate.

  • BooBoo Stewart Enough Said :)
    18.1K 252 10

    Shawna was just a normal girl in Wyoming when one day at Mick's Diner she runs into her favorite actor BooBoo Stewart. Will she act like a crazed fan? or Will she just be herself?

  • Dancing with Danger: a Jay McGuiness+ TW Fanfiction
    25.6K 409 17

    Shaun Benson has had a hard life, and is raising her 7 year old niece while training to be a dancer. When her and her 4 friends get cast in a music video for the famous boy band the Wanted, things start looking up. Until her alcoholic brother comes back into the picture wanting his daughter back, and Shaun's starting...

  • Can You See Me Now?
    11.5K 227 14

    The Winchester brothers are on another case, as demons have been on the rise lately. They read about a girl who seems to have everyone around her die. Deciding to go check it out, their plans unravel with they run into her in an unexpected way and she's a lot different than they thought she'd be...

  • The Winchesters, Heaven, and Hell (Supernatural fanfic)
    825K 19.4K 49

    I'm Louise, and I'm a hunter of the supernatural. This is my story of meeting the famous Winchester brothers, and hopefully helping them to save the world. (Starts a little before Lucifer Rises (season 4), and goes on from there. All of the rights go to the producers of Supernatural.)

  • A Supernatural Tale
    22K 415 16

    When the apocolypse is just finished brewing and about to boil over, the Winchester brothers, make a discovery in a small town on the outskirts of Ottawa. Who are these extreme feminists and why is Castiel so intent on finding them and what do they have anything to do with God.

  • The Castiel Chronicles
    2.5K 66 3

    A war has begun between Heaven and Hell and the battle ground is Earth. Two brothers, known by the world as the Winchesters have been chosen as vessels for Michael and Lucifer. They are to be possessed by them in order to fight, this will determine the fate of the world. See this story unfold through the eyes of one c...

  • Angelology
    67.9K 1.5K 45

    Angelology (n) Theological doctrine of angels and/or it's study. Delilah Winchester is the newest hunter and the first and only Winchester girl. Where everything begins, everything will end, and Delilah's path in leaving her innocence involves Angels, Archangels and the Devil. Her brothers protect her as much as they...

  • I Want It Bad. (Zayn Malik #1)
    1.6M 22.3K 39

    The name is Alexandra Mikkel, aka Lexi. Age 19, from Portland, Oregon. Carefree, lover, partier and dancer. Those were the words that best described me. My boyfriend cheated on me with the same girl his friend Tom cheated on my friend. My parents didn't care much about me so they send me to London. I live with my uncl...

  • My Brother's Fiesta. (Nathan Sykes)
    1.8K 15 1

    One Shot, Fan Fiction. My Brother's Fiesta (Nathan Sykes - The Wanted) What if it is the birthday of your brother and your mother has to work and as you can't look after him and his friends alone, so your mother invites the person you hate the most in the world to help you take care of them. What if he tells you some...

  • Where I Belong. (Stopped)
    114K 1.3K 24

    Jay McGuiness. A curly haired klutz. He spills tea one day on Tanya. Tanya Cooper. Best friend. Best friend to Tom Parker. When Jay finds this out, they become closer. Like best friends, but do they want to be more than that? With Jay being one of the single ones of the famous boy band The Wanted, will he finally go w...

  • My Sister's Ex-Boyfriend. (Tom Parker)
    3.4K 44 1

    One Shot. Fan Fiction. My Sister's Ex-Boyfriend (Tom Parker - The Wanted) What would happen on a rainy day when you get locked in the house of your sisters ex-boyfriend? Alice is about to find out when she walks into Tom's house.

  • It Turn's Out Golden... (The Wanted Fanfiction)
    13.3K 123 42

    Ally's life was going downhill at a fast pace. If you could stop it you would try right? Tom Parker did try, turning his path in a completely different direction. Did it turn out good in the end though?...

  • Forbidden Love
    169 6 7

    Have you ever loved someone your not suppose to, Savannah has! Know she has to deal with the drama, confusion, and heart ache of loving this person. Her once simple life turned upside down all because of Andrew, her one and only love.

  • Blue Jay (A The Wanted Fanfic)
    1.6K 4 7

    Completed   Mature
  • Just For Pranks (On Hold For Now)
    326K 15.5K 6

    A book showcasing prank calls my friends and I do. It’s completely random from restaurants, our friends, online adverts etc etc.

  • They Said This Day Wouldn't Come (A The Wanted Fanfic)
    44K 219 20

    When Tom Parker's cousin comes to stay with the band, what exactly will ensue?

  • Without You
    55 2 1

  • From England With Love x - An England Reader Insert Novel-
    30.1K 213 8

    READER INSERT: ENGLAND X YOU (Still in progress) You are a young lady called to the allies as a spy for against the Axis but everything changes when you meet Mr Kirkland. After being in a relationship with him for a year, Russia and China break out war against the rest of the world splitting it in two. Its only when...

  • Last To Know - Jay McGuiness Fanfiction
    55.9K 357 16

    When Katie decides it's best to seperate and leave her best friend Jay behind when his music career becomes too much, she doesn't expect to see him two years later. They lead a confusing journey on whether they always were best friends or something more, should they be or is it too much to handle?

  • Already Dead (a Supernatural fan fiction)
    4.5K 110 3

    Miranda Collins can't help but think how much her life sucks. Considering that a homicidal ghost is trying to get her and having the devil on her back? It's not really normal. But Sam and Dean Winchester couldn't disagree more. Being caught up in the middle isn't fun, and Sam and Dean can relate.

  • A Sam Winchester Love Story
    110K 2.4K 11

    A nineteen year old girl named Monique is on a job of hunting supernatural beings when she suddenly runs into the Winchester boys. Upon meeting Sam Winchester the two develope chemistry but have a shy way of showing it. As if it was hard enough for these two lovers be together, Monique's current boyfriend shows up a...

  • Enduring the Fire
    1.1M 27.7K 34

    Completed. Chuck Smith has everything he's ever wanted. He's the star QB in 10th grade, and has the entire school eating out of the palms of his hands, including the cheerleaders. He uses them like toys, playing with their hearts and them tossing them to the side when he's done. Yet, they still love him. Chuckie Smith...