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  • The Lonely Demon (Children's Novella) (COMPLETED)
    332 1 10

    After the most famous person in the world dies in a horrible accident, his anger-filled spirit comes back to get revenge on the world. Join Jeel and her friends Patrick, Noah, and Theo on their dangerous journey to survive the demon apocalypse. Can they escape the deadly demon's grasp? Who will be the last one standi...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Hero and Her Heroin (Published and for sale on Amazon!)
    206 2 1

    Katrina Rollins and her best friend Jillian Winters have finally made it big. Their band, the Heroes is rising in popularity, convincing them to make their way to Los Angeles to start their promising careers. They constantly hear stories about stars that have lost everything because of simple mistakes, but that concer...