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    Death is immortality. Death is your second chance. Velian belongs to a classless society of equality, art and democracy; a land full of creativity and mindfulness. It is in that perfect political system that one wrong movement, one careless mistake can cost her life. Bounded to live in disguise for fear of being execu...

  • Nine Open Eyes
    135 50 10

    Hiding in the shadows of illegal immigration is an eighteen-year-old faerie living in a human country. Allison Grynn. Allison lost her wings at an early stage, and showed no traces of the Three Powers: Supernatural, Elemental or Raw. Thereby declared unfit to dwell in the Fae realms. Aided by others, she makes a li...

  • The Lost Piece
    37 12 11

    In the land of Zarial lies the most prosperous kingdom Aka, whose reign has been seen over the land for centuries. Lead by the proud Civilis family, their reign has been considered kind yet powerful as they possess the strongest forces on the continent. Their fighters -- known to the world as Shards -- has been the be...

  • The seed of Luna
    658 302 8

    THE SEED OF LUNA History was rewritten when planet earth was shook by the 2025 castastrophic event that set in motion the termination of mankind. L-Crei research laboratory invites a candidate for a trial, who may unknowingly hold the key to salvation or the downfall of mankind. **** Warning : First Draft...

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    I am cursed. I am a quarter vampire, don't laugh it's true. I have 13 days to make my soulmate fall in love with me. If I fail, oh pray I don't. I will roam this earth for whole eternity, heartbroken and only with her memories.

  • In the mean time [ A Poetry Collection ] #wattys2019
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    I write about my feelings, my pain, my mistakes, my sufferings, my love and everything that I feel connected to. I write about myself and the people I know. I write about instances that made me stronger and that had inspired me to be a better and more confident person that I'm today. I write on topics that my readers...

  • A Heart of Ice and Shadows
    120 20 5

    Dawn- A girl who's parents were killed before her as a lesson to obey Kaimu- A boy with unique powers that wants to help others Ruby- A girl who's running from a dark past and a vengeful family Nick- A boy who got dragged into the mess unwillingly, but loves the ride anyways Together, these four must stop a group of r...

  • Lily of the valley
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    From the deepest snow drifts of the north to the glaring sun of the desert, from the depths of the ocean to the heights of the open sky there was an unease. It lived in every child, in every sighing tree and every twinkling star. This discontent swilled around one young woman, a woman with nothing but a calling. To de...

  • In Love with a Wildflower {BxB}
    1.1K 354 25

    "When you fall in love, you're actually creating a beautiful story." "When did I start falling for you? Where did our story begin?" *** "It's odd enough to want a woman then rejecting her because you don't need her. But according to me, it's weirder when you want a man then rejecting him because he is a man," My homos...

  • Miss CEO And The Mysterious Secretary
    1.4K 503 10

    Veronica Shayth is the talented yet eccentric CEO of Sydius Entertainment. She is only interested in getting what she wants no matter which route she takes. When her top star gets into a drug scandal, she must do everything to keep her company afloat. Due to her circumstances, Veronica hires a mysterious man, one she...

  • Faithless - Book 1 ✔
    34.6K 4.3K 65

    *COMPLETED* Highest ranking #1 in Demons || (This is the first book of the Faithless Series) Megan isn't human. She's half demon and half angel. The only hybrid to ever exist. After almost 20 years of lies, she finally sees a way out of the fabricated life she was being forced to live by the angels. Why does she fe...

  • The Last
    480 30 1

    80 years have passed since the announcement of the critical climate crisis that threatened to eliminate mankind for good. This announcement was supposed to call people to take action. Instead it was mostly ignored until the leaders of the world got impatient and grew angry, igniting the final war that would lead the r...

  • Kingdom of The Damned
    1.5K 541 14

    Most impressive Ranking #20 in Newbie and #14 in Storytelling ❤️ All I remember is waking up in the woods, the ground being very cold and wet. I had no idea where I was or who I was. All I had was an envelope attached to me with a note inside saying GET THEM! Eliza Westbrook was taken at 15 years old when the kingdom...

  • The Approximation
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    (COMPLETED) Men are of the inferior gender, or that is what people believe in The Free Republic of Women. And becuase men are less than human all men are slaves and women are the masters. And for perfect 18-year-old Otera that has always been her reality. Her only fault is that she's straight in a world w...

  • Blood Binds Forever
    1.6K 387 23

    Ancestors turned vampires, bad boys with fixations for blood, and trust fund babies used as trust funds oh my! Will Aubrey Babin be able to overcome forces that are greater than her own to save her family? Or will she succumb to the overconsumption her charismatic yet secretive cousin James so readily provides?

  • The Art of Loving [Re-Writing]
    3.2K 560 25

    Ava is no stranger to heartbreak and pain. Her ex boyfriend cheated on her with her so called 'best friend' and the people who she thought cared about her, turned out to be toxic and fake. To make things even worse, Ava's father treated her cruelly and made her believe she was worth nothing. Ava decides to flee the to...

  • Blood Rubies
    88 29 7

    I've known Violet since I was six. Her brother had a birthday celebration at their castle, and the royal family was invited. I can still recall her walking in, laughing with Adeion. They where both in green, and she had her hair pined up. "Aaron!" I looked up. And instead of grimacing, I smiled. "What if Lady...

  • The Hunted
    674 149 23

    She had the perfectly tailored life; an elite sophomore having supportive parents and a lovely best friend. But she never knew the tug she felt one night could actually bring her whole life upside down.

  • scribble
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    verb. write or draw (something) carelessly or hurriedly. a wide collection of many abstract genres of poems, quotes and late night thoughts constructed by an amateur. and it all began with small scribbles of ink. a poembook about my crippling thoughts and the devastating thoughts of fellow peers. mariam malik © all...

  • Between Water and Sky
    1.4K 216 28

    Somewhere between his childhood fancies and the war brewing beneath the surface of society, Linus lost himself. He fears the future, as he should, and trusts no one -- as, being a pirate, he once again is best to do. But what happens when society cracks? When everyone becomes the madman, leaving Linus's fleet of pirat...

  • Read It and Weep (OPEN): A Review Book For Readers and Writers
    447 30 10

    Looking for something new to read but don't want to waste your time? Wanting to know how your favorite stories hold up? Looking for a rant (because let's be honest)? Wanting to get your book out there? Looking for somewhere to start on your newly finished draft? Well then, look no further! Here is a place for you t...

  • Lonely Waters
    86 6 3

    A Sirens story of loneliness and desolation. A non legend take on the life of a siren.

  • Find Me Lost in the Color
    6.2K 2.2K 41

    COMPLETE ✔️ *Christian Winner of the Undiscovered Writers Awards 2017!* Highest Ranking: #61 in Poetry (2/7/17) "Peace will win and fear will lose." We see wars on television and death all around due to it. But why doesn't anyone talk about the suffering and death from the war of anxiety and depression? This war has b...

  • Phronemophobia: A Journey Into My Mind
    2.3K 1K 19

    (SLOW UPDATES) Phronemophobia (FRO-NEE-MO-FOBIA): fear of thinking. "When thinking begins to destroy you, you begin to fear it." -l.m. Original quotes and very short stories describing the things we fear thinking about but must speak about. Tips and my own experiences to help you during times of anxious and depressed...