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  • Phoenix Cordova (SWMR)
    34.5M 23.6K 2


    Completed   Mature
  • His Gangster Queen
    5.7M 177K 39

    Completed [Book 2 of HGP] || Tyler was not Adrienne's star but her whole sky. Everything was flawless for the both of them but what if "Tragedy" will interfere in there almost perfect story? READ "HIS GANGSTER PRINCESS" FIRST BEFORE CONTINUING. Book cover by: -94princehun

  • His Gangster Princess
    43.5M 854K 64

    Completed [REVISING 4/55] READ AT YOUR OWN RISK || The new transferee, Adrienne Xyra Saavedra, never wanted to have a complicated life. She just want to forget her past and live her life as a cool gangster. But what will happen if fate never wants her to have a peaceful life but a complicated and adventurous one? Find...

  • Ang Boyfriend Kong...
    1.6M 47.4K 133

    Gaano mo kamahal ang boyfriend or girlfriend mo? Or kung sinoman 'yang pinagpapantasyahan mo? Ako simple lang. I made a list of my favorite characteristics of my boyfriend, Nicolo Sandivan. Simple lang 'di ba? Pero hindi niya alam na ginagawa ko 'to kaya shhh lang kayo ah? :) This book mostly contains of snippets and...

  • The Bad Girl's Gentleman
    1.5M 29.3K 106

    What Gwen wants, Gwen gets. Iyan lamang ang simpleng rule ng buhay ng 17-year-old na si Gwen Guinto. She is your typical bad girl who breaks hearts on a regular basis. She is a spoiled rotten girl. Lahat ng bagay nakukuha niya. Kung may nakaharang, aalisin niya. She has to get what she wants. Whatever it takes. Basil...

  • Status: In A Relationship With Rival School's Mr. Popular
    8.7M 169K 80

    "I was born to hate you." Iyan ang mga unang salitang sinabi ni Zoe sa "boyfriend" niyang si Jet kasama ng isang mala-demonyitang ngiti. Desperada na si Zoe na mapanatili sa paaralan ng Westerhaven matapos siyang magkaroon ng scandal-kuno nang kumalat sa social media ang sexy niyang picture. Ngunit hindi...

  • Marrying Mr. Popular (PUBLISHED under LIFEBOOKS)
    9.8M 211K 64

    Highest Rank in TEEN FICTION: #1 as of November 11, 2017 He's handsome, freakin' hot, snob, cold, campus hearthrob, model, popular. Sinong babae ang hindi magkakagusto sa kanya kahit sa unang tingin? Sinong babae ang hindi sya papangarapin? He always make fun of me. He doesn't want to know others that he was already m...

  • (STATUS #2) Status: Still In A Relationship With Mr. Popular
    1.8M 35.4K 63

    "So, it's you and me again, huh, Jet?" Akala ni Jet naka-get over na siya kay Zoe. Halos kalahating taon din ang lumipas bago niya itong muling nakita. Pero sa kalahating taon na iyon, hindi lamang ang pag-alis ni Zoe ang nangyari. Naipasara ang mga unibersidad ng Westerhaven at Pryston nang mapag-alaman ng awt...

    79.4K 1.5K 52

    mag kaibigan kami simula noong bata pa kami lagi kami na sa play ground na tambay o nag lalaro minsan ng umuuwi kami ng gabi na sa kakalaro. pero nang isang araw hinintay ko sya pero di sya dumating. may na banggit syang pupunta daw silang America at doon daw sila titira at doon sya mag tatapos ng high school. at u...

  • My Fake Boyfriend [UNDER MAJOR REVISION]
    307K 7.7K 109

    Brylle Natasha Hernandez, however known as Brylle Natasha Cruz by many. She is known as the school's nerd, the loser, and the freak but little did they know that she is unknown heiress who can ruin their lives in just a snap of her fingers. She doesn't believe in love, because for her love equals money. People love he...

  • Falling for Her [REVISED]
    1.2M 27K 49

    Keilla Chantal Lee, who aims to get accepted at the volleyball team attended the try out for the opening of Hellviore University for a new school year. But a heartbreaking news came to her. Still persistent to go to that university, she disguised herself as a man and joined the men's basketball team and met Zack Jiro...

  • The Nerdy Rebound Girl
    12.4M 170K 53

    [Published in Print] One True Love Series #2 P1 Jacky has been in love with Maico since forever. Ang kaso, ang kaibigan niyang si Lana ang gusto nito kahit na may asawa na ang huli sa katauhan ni Jace. Nang mawalan ng pag-asa si Maico kay Lana ay sa kanya ito tumakbo. Pumayag siyang maging rebound nito matapos ang isa...

    177K 2K 15

    If you need any story titles you can take mine!! Message me and tell me you're using it so I can read it:)

  • Second Wind
    97.8K 5.8K 159

    Highest rank #12 in Poetry Second Wind is an eclectic collection of mostly light hearted poems but often has a serious message and takes the occasional side swipe at politicians and those in power.

  • F1 - The Official F Buddy | Jace and Julianna
    8M 109K 63

    WARNING: R-18 [COMPLETED] Jace Gomez is a campus heartthrob. Mysterious at walang known girlfriend sa campus. Sabi ng iba, Jace is probably gay, but I don't think so. I can attest that Jace is indeed a man as he became my Official F Buddy.. The Official F Buddy - F1 | Jace and Julianna Story The Official F Buddy - F2...

    Completed   Mature
  • Nasa Akin Na Ang Lahat, Except You (Published Under PHR)
    685K 12.7K 49

    💕PUBLISHED UNDER PRECIOUS HEARTS ROMANCE 💕 My name is Vienna Torres. I am pretty, sexy, smart and super rich. Nasa akin na ang lahat except Miguel Castillo, ang lalaking lumaklak ng anaesthesia kaya naging sobrang manhid. Lahat na ata ginawa ko para mapansin niya at para mahalin niya ko pero seenzone lang ako. Dadat...

  • My Bestfriend Is A Heartbreaker
    968K 18.7K 49

    [Completed] Ross is my best friend since first year college. Matalino, gwapo, mayaman, sweet, in other words, perfect, pero certified heartbreaker. Ilan libong babae na ang umiyak ng dahil sa kanya. And yet, I still fell in love with my best friend. Ipaglalaban ko ba ang pagmamahal ko kay Ross o mamahalin ko na lang...

  • Miss Balyena and The Heartbreaker
    803K 16.7K 49

    [Completed] Gabriel Vargas. Bully, talented, good looking, rich and certified heartbreaker. Mamahalin ko ba ang isang mala-demonyong heartbreaker na tulad ni Gabriel Vargas? At mamahalin din kaya niya ang isang overweight balyena na tulad ko?

  • The Heartbreaker is Mine
    562K 12.9K 46

    [Completed] Book 2 of My Bestfriend Is A Heartbreaker. Ross is my bestfriend, pero certified heartbreaker. I have the perfect love story when this heartbreaker fell in love with me. That is what I thought until I met Martina - my biggest nemesis, my bestfriend's first love. Ipaglalaban ko ba ang pagmamahalan namin ni...

  • The Perfect Heartbreaker
    699K 12.3K 50

    [Completed] Book 3 ng My Bestfriend is a Heartbreaker. Four years after makipagbreak ni Belle kay Ross. Belle was hurt, but Ross was even more devastated. All he wants is his sweet revenge to Belle. Join Belle as Ross made her suffer because she's the perfect heartbreaker. --- Book 1 - My Bestfriend is a Heartbre...

  • The Devil's Contract [MONSTA X Kihyun FanFic]
    314K 18.4K 36

    Description: After your break up with your EX-Boyfriend Lee Minhyuk (Monsta X), you meet a demon named Yoo Kihyun who was summoned by you (Kwon Jaeryeong), who is now his new Contractor. To summon a demon, you have a sacrifice something special to you. In return, the demon grants you any wish. Once the demon grants th...

  • Diamond in the Rough (Seventeen and Bangtan Fanfic)
    316K 14.9K 63

    Working after school isn't making enough money for her eomma's hospital bills. Han Rika decides to seek out her father, President Han of Pledis Ent., after years of not seeing him every since he abandoned Rika and her eomma. She's thrown to be the company slave, doing odd jobs and being bossed around by everyone. E...

    79.3K 6.1K 50

    〝 How in the world did you manage to get dandelion fluff in your hair? 〞 Or the Verkwan soulmate AU in which everyone has the last words that their soulmate will ever say to them written somewhere on their skin so that they don't know who the right one is until they've already lost them. ⋆ Seventeen Soulmate AU | Tec...

  • Young Love (Jaeyong)
    850K 49.7K 97

    Star cook Jaehyun seems to live the perfect life, but it's only a facade, his pose in front of the cameras. One day he gets robbed on the street, soon a boy who is wearing his stolen bracelet enters his life and turns it upside down. Highest ranking 1 jaeyong 1 nctu 1 yuwin 14 kpop