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  • Frostbite ❆ Peter Parker
    103K 2.9K 33

    "So, you're the Spider-ling." "Crime fighting spider. You're Spider-Boy?" "Spider-baby?" "S-spider-Man." ❆ {cacw | spider-man homecoming | infinity war | endgame | far from home } ❆ DISCLAIMER I do not own Spider-man or Marvel and their amazing movies. However, I do own Beth and...

  • Peter Parker x reader : Strange's
    213K 11.1K 26

    "Let's give Peter a little hug from another Strange."

  • Stuck On You → Tom Holland
    786K 25.8K 123

    ❝Been pushed to a core, I wish I could walk away.❞ . . .in which she is stuck between her love for him and her pain. [MOSTLY SOCIAL MEDIA] [TOM HOLLAND FANFICTION] [#4 IN FANFICTION AS OF 5/26/18]

  • HOLLAND-ISH | tom holland gif series
    435K 18.3K 101

    . i love tom holland and i want to share it with all of you . ((1st in t.h gif series)) {completed: 12/02/17}

  • Still falling for you » Tom Holland
    183K 4.6K 47

    In which two ex-lovers' paths crossed once again, although nobody of them expected it. [TOM HOLLAND] [SOCIAL MEDIA] Copyright 2017 by Buttercup-s, all rights reserved. Cover by the lovely @agustaerly.

  • incognito - tom holland/peter parker imagines
    343K 6.2K 67

    These will include imagines about Peter as well, and MAYBE Harrison, it depends on if people ask.

  • London's Bad Boy |Tom Holland x Reader|
    38.5K 1.9K 8

    In which London's bad boy takes you on an adventure of a life time. |warning: this story includes: language, mild violence, and (some) sexual content.|

  • Moonstruck ° TOM HOLLAND
    64.8K 3.5K 43

    sometimes when i look into your eyes, i cannot help but smile because i know that you are exactly what i have been looking for. [tom holland x kennedy johannesson] [social media] [discontinued] [cover by veingeances]

  • Offscreen → Tom Holland ✓
    1.3M 38.9K 29

    in which two co-stars find love offscreen. A SOCIAL MEDIA FIC | highest rank: #1 in fanfiction cover by @BonitaRogue

    446K 10.2K 48

    im so into you, i can barely breathe ❀ in which his character's love interest actually becomes real love (book #2 in the social media series. read book #1 'clouds' it's a sebastian stan story) (Beware of cringe + rapidly written plot)

  • marvel mayhem ➸ tom holland
    760K 19.4K 60

    watching your best friend fall for someone he doesn't even know hurts when you're in the midst of a heart-tearing crisis of figuring out if you're in love with the boy who's been in your heart since the day you were walking or the boy who managed to make it feel like you've flown to cloud nine. [ social media fic +...

    318K 19.4K 105

    "Shit, I think I have feelings for spider-man." ( tom holland - social media & real life ) © luminite 2018