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  • A Nock? (Jock!Paperjam x Nerd!Fresh)
    43.1K 1.5K 22

    When humans and monsters start to wake up from their slumber. Knowing that this day was coming soon, when summer ends. Where they have to go to a place called, School, a place where students learn and play. Including Highschool. And this story takes place in Underhigh. A school that's mostly made up of monsters. And t...

  • PJ x Fresh (Nerd and jock bro)
    41.6K 1.2K 53

    The last one I made was very different than others, way different plot. So on this one, I'm still going to make it my own and different, but just keep to the plot of highschool.....As the people who read my last PJ x fresh know.....I love making cliff hangers and tradiges MWUAHAHAHAHAHA

  • ~little things~ Jock! Pj x Nerd! Fresh [COMPLETED]*UNDER EDITING*
    26K 655 75

    *** STORY DESCRIPTION *** HEY! readers let the fangirl begin and special announcemnts won't be in this story, cause i know some of you readers are annoyed about it so, I won't!, thea chann here is gonna make a story about a jock and nerd, don't get me wrong I love Naj!! I just want to make a story for them since I rea...

  • Deadly Scandals Paperjam X Fresh
    54K 2.7K 63

    I drew the book cover, and made the cover on the Wattpad cover app but the AU does not belong to me, nor does Undertale. Only the plot and OCs belong to me. Also 2 chapters are published every Wensday. Description; First day of school. New faces, and old faces arrive. Along with that comes Stero types, but no matter w...

  • NaJ paperjam x fresh
    8.2K 200 11

    this is my first fanfic so pls don't hate my story cause I'm really a bad writer

  • Silver Ridge
    29.7K 923 29

    This is a undertale highschool au story. Warning gay couple! Pj x Fresh.

  • This is my life now
    36.4K 1.1K 20

    So I have a trauma with people correcting me so please don't do it.... And I'm trying my best here hope you like it This would be a Nerd & Jock fanfic (I hope) PaperJam (c) 7goodangels Fresh Sans (c) CrayonQueen Nerd & Jock Au (c) thegreatrouge WARNING Probably Gore and NSFW

  • a strange kind of love ( paper jam x fresh ) nerd and jock
    10.1K 233 5

    if u love shiping skeletons stay for the story !!!!!! <3 plz

  • Broken Hearts ~A Naj Freshpaper Fanfic~
    66.8K 2K 20

    Lots of monsters go to a high school called Underhigh, and they're split into two categories, Nerds and Jocks. But what exactly happens when one from each category falls in love? Two skeletons, know as Fresh and PJ, are in that situation, one declines the jocks love at first while the other does anything to prove hi...

  • Nerd And Jock - FreshPaper
    22.7K 631 10

    this is a new series I had found on a YouTube video and I decided to write a story for it!! enjoy~!!!

  • Naj Unusual (poth and paperfresh)
    16.6K 463 7

    Hey this was the most requested story I might add some cherry berry in but poth and paperfresh will be the main ships also expect drama

  • High School Trouble.
    19.8K 912 16

    DISCLAIMER!!!! THIS STORY INVOLVES VIOLENCE, OFFENSIVE LANGUAGE, SUICIDE, AND HUGE FEELS. new school so new friends...but also new enemies. Fresh trys to find friends and does! however he nears death in the first day of school!? but he was saved by an unlikely person and soon became interested in him. A nerd and a joc...

  • Nerd And Jock AU
    135K 2.7K 37

    Random one shots for an amazing AU HIGHEST RANK IN FANFICS #545