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  • Drowning in Your Curse | V.N Y.K
    3.2K 183 7

    Yuri fell in love. But some people didn't approve. xxx // short story // // angst warning // // started: april 25, 2017 // // ended: // // incomplete //

  • You saved me >> Viktuuri
    43.8K 2K 17

    Yuuri katsuki is introduced to this famous youtuber, Viktor Nikiforov. ------ Story cover made by: @lilzistrash

  • Texts ~ Victuuri/Viktuuri ( Viktor x Yuuri )
    71.1K 3.5K 36

    Yuuri suddenly gets a message from a stranger one day named Viktor, he thinks the guy Is kind of annoying and pushy but they eventually develop a friendship but soon enough Yuuri think he is in love with Viktor.

  • I am damaged -Viktuuri AU
    28.3K 1.5K 16

    Yuuri Katsuki has his known reputation around a&e for no wanting help with his depressive manor. What will happen when Phitchit takes matters into his own hands and finds a new russian man at a&e in the position for being a caretaker. [ inspired by damage control an otayuri au ]

  • Enchanted - Victuuri AU
    81.4K 3.7K 37

    Victor nikiforov is a prince in the kingdom of crystal waters, he needs to marry to become a king but arranged marriages happen where he lives, he goes to a mascarade ball to meet an enchanting beauty named Yuuri Katsuki. He gets to dance with him, get to know him, and they both fall in love. Yuuri has to leave and Vi...

  • Ever lasting love ~ Otayuri (Otabek x Yuri)
    20.3K 866 18

    Yuri and Otabek have been friend since kindergarten, Yuri eventually moves to Japan due to his dad ( Viktor ) falling in love with a Japanese man named Yuuri Katsuki. Which means he has to say goodbye to Otabek, but years later when he is in high school a new student comes to his school and his life is changed forever.

  • Love & loss ~ Victuuri/Viktuuri AU
    17.6K 794 14

    tw; abusive relationship, alcohol abuse. ( idea my friend miley the spoose aka spider moose gave me from telling me about an RP she did ) Yuuri is a shy guy somewhat, he's been childhood friends with Victor for a while. Yuuri thinks he's straight but he starts to grow up and he eventually realizes he's in love with Vi...

  • One chance - victuuri/viktuuri ( AU )
    62.5K 2.3K 34

    victor x Yuuri Viktor x Yuuri ( possible smut ) ( high school AU ) Yuri and Victor start out as strangers but something changes when Yuri drops his books in the hallway and he meets Victor.

  • You're a jerk - Viktuuri AU
    90.3K 4.1K 46

    High school AU in which Viktor bullies Yuuri. Yuuri katsuki, age 17, has had enough of Viktors taunts and teasing. What he does next shocks the whole school. (also on archiveofourown with same title under user @klancewarrior)

  • Cream? - Viktuuri/Victuuri AU
    25.8K 1.4K 23

    Yuuri Katsuki is a small anxious man who's only 24 and works at a coffee shop as a job while managing college at the same time. What happens when a sudden super attractive foreign exchange student comes to his classes and comes to the coffee shop too?

  • Instagram ~ Victuuri/Viktuuri
    47.1K 2.1K 22

    Yuuri has idolized Victor from afar for so long and everything changes when his childhood friends kids upload a video of him skating to an old performance by Victor himself, it blows up everywhere and Victor is suddenly fascinated by this boy.

  • Spin The Bottle | V.N Y.K ✔️
    18.1K 720 4

    It all started as just a fun, group get together for a few skater buddies. But what none of them know is how in love Viktor and Yuri really are. But, see, both Viktor and Yuri think it's one sided. So what happens when them and their friends play a game of spin the bottle and the two kissing will be them? -- // smu...

    Completed   Mature
  • Forgetting You | V.N Y.K
    24.1K 1.6K 21

    Yuri Katsuki and Viktor Nikiforov were best friends, since birth. Their families were very close and so the two grew up clinging onto one another. Of course, as children, they just considered each other as friends, but when Viktor reaches the age of sixteen, he realizes that what he feels for Yuri definitely is not ju...

  • Don't fall asleep #OtakuBattle2017
    715 36 15

    I don't feel sad, I don't feel happy, I just feel empty. After Great Fire of London Sebastian disappears. It has been five years and it seems like Ciel managed to cope with abandonment. But is it really true? What is hiding behind beautifully crafted mask of Phanthomhive heir. Is there really happiness behind wall o...

  • Atelophobia|| victuri
    110K 5.2K 32

    Atelophobia: The fear of not being good enough. •• All his life, all that mattered to Yuuri was being good enough. Expectations were sky high for him, and that was slowly tearing him apart. He wanted it to stop. He wanted everything to stop. He didn't even know who he was anymore. He was so scared of failure and disap...

  • Viktor Nikiforov; Sex Coach
    1.9K 76 9

    -No Description Available RN-