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  • Magi: Hiraeth
    97K 4.2K 66

    He who left her, longed for her yet, she didn't come back. "Even the mightiest of kings fall once forced to the edge." The longing for a place you called home that never was yours, is the most painful form of loneliness. HIRAETH A Magi: Labyrinth of Magic Fan Fiction. (n.) A homesickness for a home you can't return to...

  • Sweet like Honey or Sultry like Spice
    101K 3.3K 10

    A dark and mysterious girl by the name Vanessa Venatrix shows up one day at Ouran Academy. What will happen when the short and very seductive little goth meets the incredibly adorable boy Lolita Honey? Read to find out!!!

  • The Crystal Queen
    1.5K 72 6

    What if I told you there were 8 kings? What if I told you it was a queen? Iris was the crystal queen running the crystal clan but this story isn't about the crystal queen it's about her strongest member Irina, Irina was the one who changed the 8 kings and turned this world inside out but on her adventure they start to...

  • Prince of Tennis: Ryoma's Mysterious Sister, Echizen Ryoka!
    149K 4.1K 33

    (CURRENTLY ON HIATUS) Echizen Ryoma is a definitely a mysterious boy, but not many would have predicted this! Echizen Ryoma has a sister! Younger twin sister to be precise, but has the same, if not more, mysterious flare then her brother. Wearing various odd clothing to hide her identity, gender, and even name. Her f...

  • Our Little Sister, the Phenomenon (Kuroko no Basket fanfic)
    113K 3K 31

    KUROKO NO BASKET FANFIC Teiko Middle School's Basketball Club is filled with prodigies, one such team was known as the Generation of Miracles. Kuroko Tetshiina was no exception. Following her twin brother, Kuroko Tetsuya, she became a miracle as well. Charming her way through practices and games, the five Legends migh...

  • Can't Stop Thinking About You
    184 29 15

    Maddie was just an ordinary girl who would go to school and hang out with her friends but every week, everyday, every hour, every minute, and every second she couldn't stop thinking about her crush: Jack. Jack was Maddie's first and final crush. When she tried so hard to like somebody else she would always end up liki...

  • Fanalis Love
    1.1K 23 2

    Morgiana and Muu Alexius fanfiction

  • Ryoma's Girlfriend?! || PoT FANFIC
    118K 2.6K 35

    (A Ryoma Fanfiction) A girl. Precisely Ryoma's childhood friend. He unwillingly leaves her in the USA not knowing that she also came to Japan. She joins Seigaku knowing that Ryoma was there. Read on to find out about how they both met and fell in love ... ------------------------------ I know the summary is crap but...

  • The Empress [Prince of Tennis + Kuroko No Basket Crossover]
    108K 3.3K 22

    The door busted open as she stepped in with her heels clicking against the marble floor, immediately stopping all the chattering by grabbing every players' attention. However she paid them no heed as she walked straight towards her childhood friend. She stopped right in front of him, "Strip." She commanded wit...

  • The Princess of Tennis
    9.3K 321 11

    Ryoma Echizen is known to the world as the "The Prince of Tennis", but who is this mysterious character that's infamous to the tennis world as "The Princess" and what is her relationship with the Prince? Ryoma x OC

  • Echizen Reira (Prince of Tennis Fanfic)
    60.4K 1.4K 29

    Echizen Reira, a pro tennis player and model. She lived in England and playing at Wimbledon and won four times in a row. She was injured while playing in the Wimbledon tournament when she had just won and decided during the recovery period, she will return to Japan. She moved to Seigaku, meet new friends and Seigaku t...

  • Prince of tennis: Hyotei's Mysterious Princess.
    85.8K 2.5K 25

    (CURRENTLY IN HIATUS) Alright, enough of Seigaku, lets look at Hyotei. Hyotei is a rich kid school (with one or two common people who won scholarships) People think that Hyotei has a lot of snobby rich kid students(well, there not totally wrong..) The students in Hyotei usually brag about there family and cultures,mak...

  • Playing With The Monster That I am. [Kuroko No Basket, Unspecified X OC]
    28.3K 809 6

    Kitsune "Bakemono" Tenshi recently transferred to Seirin High, to join the basketball club. Enough Beating around the Bush, However, her 'nickname' is completely true. When it comes to basketball, Tenshi is a Monster. A true monster. Her skills easily top the Generation of Miracles at 10% of her power and she can ace...

  • The Orange Miracle **ON HOLD**
    15.6K 624 4

    [Kuroko no Basuke Fanfiction] Mitsuki Daidaina, the girl who is a match for all of the Generation of Miracles. Mitsuki Daidaina, the girl who all of the Generation of Miracles loves. Mitsuki Daidaina, known as 'The Orange Miracle' of the Generation of Miracles. [DISCLAIMER: I do not own Kuroko no Basuke. I only own m...

  • Musical Celestial Lightning
    15K 427 5

    [COMPLETED : 16/06 - 2019] Laxus loves music because that calms him down. His magic is Lightning dragon slayer. Lucy loves music because the lyrics always have meanings. Her magic is Celestial magic. But what if... they met before Lucy joined Fairy Tail because of Natsu. They met somewhere else. Laxus told Lucy how he...

  • Haruhi's Twin
    95.9K 2.2K 46

    Rei Fujioka is a teen idol who left her family at the age of 3 to be apart of the entertainment world. 12 years later she is reunited with her father and older twin sister, she also befriends all of her sister's academy friends. What will life hold for these two teenage sisters when their dad makes a change to their l...

  • Dragon Princess (Under Editing)
    38.8K 991 27

    When Lissana returns to the guild, slowly everyone except for; Levy, Mira, Gajeel, Happy, Wendy, Gray, and Erza; begin to ignore Lucy. Felling unwanted and useless she keeps her distance. Then Natsu kicks her off the team. What happens when she leaves to go train? What will the guild discover about their dear swe...

  • Watch My Back As I Move On
    245K 10.8K 63

    Haruno Sakura, it is the name of a kunoichi that has been seen weak her whole life. She's been left behind by the one she loved at the age of 14. Became the apprentice of a legendary sannin and a very skilled medic after 2 years. She was living a wonderful life. She got over her crush. She was dubbed as strong. But ev...

  • Pink Emerald Lady (Discontinued)
    12.8K 457 7

    Sakura Haruno is known as Pink Emerald Lady and she is famous for being a powerful lady and what's more is that along her way she would find friends and her possibly her lover? Pictures aren't and they belong to their respective owners

  • Homecoming
    545 41 4

    Sasuke comes home to the leaf village after many years of being a roage ninja. He doesn't get the welcome he thought he would from a sertin pink haired ninja. What will sakura do? How much has she changed?

  • My Forge Marriage (SasuSaku)
    19.1K 922 13

    My lady boss asked to spy on her "baby". I got caught. Now, we're married. I am married with this snob, stiff, rude, hot-headed, handsome, sweet, hot. . . Wait! What?! Disclaimer: I don't own the characters. Characters are from Masahi Kishimoto's manga, Naruto.

  • Dragon Slaying sisters
    2.1K 72 14

    When Lucy's mom dies her father basically disowns her so she ran away but only to get lost. When she's on the verge of starving to death she is found by another 6 year old ice mage. Lucy was taken back to the 6 year old's home which contains two dragons. Soon enough she becomes the celestial dragon slayer & she become...

  • The Queen Of Dragon And Stars [Continued]
    20.6K 505 10

    If you had read the story of earlier part. I'M VERY SORRY FOR NOT UPDATING ALMOST A YEAR PLEASE FORGIVE ME BECAUSE I'M GONNA CONTINUE THE STORY HERE. STARTING FROM CHAPTER 15. If you havent read this story please search the same title with the same cover. Thank you for reading!! [ON THE PROCESS OF REWRITING]

  • {Fairy Tail}a Hidden Star, The Next Dragon Queen
    65.5K 1.3K 14

    Who would knew that the so-called 'weakest wizard' of Fairy tail is actually the first wizard saint. (Here Lissana is not a bitch and sorry but I hate NaLu no offence though I like ZerLu more but I will put it Lucy X OC) Disclaimer ~ I don't own fairy tail but I addad my own characters. Fairy tail come from hiro mashi...

  • Their Regret, Her Vengance (Lucy Heartfilia Fanfiction)
    133K 3.7K 24

    The guild makes a terrible mistake that causes their beloved Celestial Mage to leave. After a long time she returns, but she isn't the same as before. Will she forgive them or keep a grudge for as long as she lives? Disclaimer: Fairy Tail belongs to their rightful owner.

  • The Dragon Queens Revenge
    56K 1.6K 31

    Everything was normal in magnolia. Until one strange person arrived from edolas, Her name was Lissana straus. And she was a so called dead fairytail guildmate. When she returns to fairytail one day a blonde girl named lucy heartfelia is forgotten. Lucy has gone through many struggles in before but this is her hardest...

  • Mystery savior (Lalu, laxus x lucy)
    30K 923 6

    Lucy was hurt badly, so she couldn't remember much but her savior. A tall figure with blonde spiky hair. Three years later, she in the guild fairy tail, and she has been havering strange dreams about her savior. So who is this mystery savior? Read to find out!

  • My Brother's Guild
    54.9K 1.7K 7

    Lucy is a girl who escaped from the Tower of Heaven to find her long lost brother, Bixlow. On the way to finding him, she gets cursed by a mysterious man. Her curse; anyone she looks straight in the eye turns into a Celestial Spirit. She cannot control it, so when she finally find her brother, she wears a guard to pro...

  • The Magical Experiments
    31.5K 975 8

    Lucy is taken from her family. The house was raided and her family was killed. They captured Lucy and used her as a magic DNA experiment. When Lucy turns 6 they bring a 3 year old Wendy and test on her too, but not as much as Lucy. Find out how their lives change, for better or for worse.