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  • Mixed Double
    5.1K 676 27

    They had everything, a caring husband, a fulfilling job and a dream. They thought there were invincible until their dream became a nightmare. They were two broken souls who stopped dreaming one day. They saved each other without knowing.

  • life of Styles | n.s
    4.9K 473 19

    In which an innocent and clueless Niall gets dragged into the crazy life of Styles.

  • Taupé
    173 118 13

    Well I know, I know, I know. Life would be beautiful.

  • Cursed Mountain
    1.4K 328 16

    After his brother goes missing, mountain climber Eric Simmons goes on a death-defying yet spiritual journey up Chomolonzo mountain to encounter evil and to save his brother Frank from death .

  • spilled ➳ shiall
    2K 73 8

    "sorry, i spilled some water on you," shawn apologised, cheeks blushing furiously as he sheepishly tried drying the brunette-blonde boy's waiter vest. if only he knew that he would spill more things unintentionally.. {lower case intended :)}

  • The Clashing Destinies [OPEN Sonic the Hedgehog FF] (Book 2)
    1.4K 149 48

    It's three years since Shadow and his friends separate. Many things have changed, some stayed the same, and some would never return... or maybe they could. The heroes might have grown up a bit, but they haven't become necessary wiser or stronger as harder obstacles would challenge them. Many secrets are revealed, new...

  • Never again
    61 9 6

    Acting. Hating. Can Harry and (Y/N) rescue their love? Can they give their son a future? Will Harry regret his mistake?

  • The senior checklist
    378 24 4

    Bree is a senior in high school, she has good grades, she's an honor student and she spends most of her nights studying. One day Bree decides that she's tired of being the good girl and that she wants to do something fun for once. I mean it is senior year. So she makes a list, a senior check list to be exact and on...

  • #PlanetOrPlastic Writing Contest
    330K 14.4K 2

    Wattpad has teamed up with National Geographic to wake the world up to the potential impact of single-use plastics. In 500 words or less, we're asking you to share a story-real or fiction-inspired by actual photos of this global issue.

  • The Darkest Morals
    845 89 17

    "Now I know why you'd like this movie. There's a character that represents your type." "What do you mean my type?" He asks as his brows knit together, and he lolls his head to the side to look at me. "Typical bad boy: with a leather jacket which is clearly too hot for this weather. Constant smirking and obsessed with...

  • Roses for Rachel
    6.4M 305K 47

    I was sure the worst thing to ever happen to me would be being kidnapped, and sure, that was pretty bad. However, what was worse was being kidnapped, held captive for years, and then being auctioned off to the highest bidder. I thought maybe I had caught a little break when I found out that me and five other girls we...

  • Dragonfly || Ziam
    14K 1K 23

    \ Most impressive rank #3 on #ziammayne tag!!!/ ~A story inspired by eternallyunreleased's fic Intoxicate Me, Mesmerize Me, Obliterate Me on Ao3~ What happens when a young naive self assured undercover agent omega Zayn Malik meets high respected, fearsome and dangerous Druglord Alpha Liam Payne on mission and what hap...