Superstar08's Reading List

  • Faking Delinquency [BEING PUBLISHED]
    8.8M 48.7K

    [BEING PUBLISHED -- sample and more info inside] One girl. One camp for delinquents. One hell of a summer. Falice Winters has always been the goody-two sho...

  • Not Exactly Romeo & Juliet
    5.7M 168K

    ♥ Romeo and Juliet; one of the most well-known romance stories of all time. Forbidden love, dramatic deaths, beautiful poetry;...

  • Unwritten
    189K 6.2K

    Hailey Elwood always knew three things: she wanted to be a writer, she didn’t want to run her family diner, and she was madly and unconditionally in love with...

  • My Kind of Perfect
    351K 10.8K

    Meet Kayla Wilson, ‘miss perfect’ adorned with a five-leaf clover. She gets kicked out of her third job, fails her latest relationship, lost all her savings, a...

  • First Love...Only Love:
    11.6M 188K

    One steamy passionate night was all it took for Twain Crawford to impregnate eighteen year old Macy Skye, but then he refused to believe it was his child. Mac...

  • A Unique Kind of Love (PUBLISHED)
    13.4M 163K

    BASICALLY A DRAFT! The book is already live on Amazon, go get it now! You can find links to it on my blog. ALMOST 10 CHAPTERS ARE MISSING.  jasmine-rose...

  • Say It Out Loud (Pink Unicorn Series, Book II)
    141K 4.2K

    Hi, guys! I’m Fiona Pearce, currently in the middle of summer before my first year in college. Yes, I managed to snag a spot in New Waulds University. Can you...

  • Once Upon a Kiss
    10.3M 148K

    "Kiss me a hundred times when you come back, pinky swear?" Daniel and Kristina were best friends ever since they were five. When his dad suddenly decides to m...

  • Getting It Straight
    4.2M 64.3K

    Fiona Pearce is the kind of girl who can never say no to anyone. As long as she can do something to help out, she'll do it in a heartbeat. So when her father...

  • Sing To Me
    1.4M 13.3K

    Carla is a simple waitress trying to get enough money to make it through college. She has big dreams though. She wants to be an actress, she always has, and...