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  • Little Men with Knives
    25.7K 614 4

    The first story in my collection, Vacui Magia: Stories. You can buy Vacui Magia at all major ebook retailers, or direct via Gumroad - links are on my website:

  • the forest fic
    302K 7K 6

    not mine!!!!!!! creds go to SoloChaos on archive of our own just another copy of the forest fic make sure you have tissues

  • Harry Potter Randomness [Book 1]
    7.2M 367K 200

    Hey potterheads, In this book, you'll see: #1 Facts #2 Movies' Mistakes #3 Deleted scenes/Behind the scenes #4 jokes #5 quotes, different sentences, and other random stuff about Harry Potter And if you haven't read or seen Harry Potter, you'll never know love, or friendship... And I feel sorry for you Mischief Managed...

  • Nashi And Luke's Journey [Fairy Tail] [COMPLETED]
    173K 5.6K 26

    (Warning! There will be cursing in this book) After a night of heavy drinking and partying, Lucy Heartfilia finds herself in bed with her best friend Natsu Dragneel. About a month after that night, Lucy wakes up with morning sickness that lasted a few days before she decided to go to the doctor. She finds herself preg...

    62.7K 3.5K 20


  • Prove JOSHLER Is real!.
    18.8K 1.1K 105

    This is some prove that JOSHLER IS REal |-/

  • How To Get Reads, Votes, and Comments - A Guide
    1.1M 64.6K 7

    How do I get more reads, votes, and comments? If you find yourself asking that question, then I have some answers for you. What can you do to reach out to readers and potential readers? How can you encourage readers to comment and vote? What are all the different ways you can promote your stories? This #1 ranking...

  • 100 Puns
    283K 7.4K 100

    [[FEEL FREE TO USE THESE ON PEOPLE I DONT MIND]] [[ANOTHER WARNING< DUE TO LATE NIGHT PRODUCTIONS< THERE WILL BE TYPOS, JUST WARNING YA]] Know anybody who dislikes puns and want to ignore them? Have that one person you want to impress that likes puns? Or are you just bored and found this? Well it's up to you but...

  • ☻ BAD PUNS ☻
    281K 9.8K 52

    "Those are bad puns, we don't laugh at them" -sarah

  • Once Upon a Bathroom Stall
    4.5M 311K 44

    ❝I- what? What are you talking about? Who is this?❞ ❝Well the bathroom stall says that this number is the gateway to a good time, and unless you're trying to say that a bathroom stall is lying to me, I think I need a little more information to be sold. Do you have like a yelp page I could look up? Past customer review...

  • Jokes
    19M 361K 220

    I did not come up with these jokes I found them on the Internet Written by Angelina !! Funny jokes. Read and vote

  • Some comebacks/insults!!!
    353K 19.6K 55

    You know when there is that 1 person that is just so annoying and you want to slap them so bad? Well you may as well insult them instead. There is also other stuff as well in this book, but it is mostly comebacks and insults pickup lines that back fire also. So hope you enjoy!!!!!! p.s. this is my first book though...

  • Amusing Things To Do In School
    15.4K 750 1

    Just a list of stuff. Co-written by @tinyburntmarshmallow

  • Sasaki-sensei [Haise x Reader]
    298K 14.7K 71

    In this story, Sasaki Haise is a high school teacher. About his past and his affiliations with the CCG will be revealed further in the story. This story is intended to be Haise X Reader fanfiction. But instead of using [reader] or [y/n] or [you] etc, I use the first person point of view [I] to avoid hassles and to ma...

  • Conspiracy Theories
    310K 13.5K 38

    Conspiracy theories that might change your views on things. Note: You will need some internet connection, because there are a lot of videos and images which will be included, to provide evidence

  • The Observations of Patrick Kraker.
    64.1K 3.3K 10

    I'm pretty extraordinary (read: absolutely normal) for an average guy named Patrick- Patrick Kraker, and before you ask, no, I do not want a cracker; neither does Polly. Polly's sick of crackers. a) My summer job may or may not involve spray painting myself completely silver and standing motionless in the park. Of cou...

    263K 12.5K 75

    ☆.。.:*Credits to IG & Tumblr.。.:*☆

  • pickup lines for people
    1.9M 51.1K 204

    I literally did this when I was 13, plz don't judge me. I still did this for y'alls entertainment though so, enjoy the cringe. :D warning: viewer discretion advised.

  • The Mandela Effect
    409K 24.2K 143

    So, I have a conspiracy theory book, which these were originally meant to be a part of, but I realised that there was way too many...

  • Puns.1
    170K 3.6K 66

    Puns. Puns everywhere. Puns on walls. Puns on teacher's boards. It's the pun-pocalypse. o.o Hide the children, [but make them laugh too] Now enjoy some nice puns per day c: P u n s are l o v e , p u n s are l i f e. [first 65 days of the year]

  • Cupid's Match : CUPID'S MATCH BOOK 1
    55M 2.6M 83

    [IN BOOKSTORES NOW!] What if you were matched with the original love god? --- When Lila goes to the Cupids Matchmaking Service it is to tell them to stop spamming her. Instead she finds out that cupids are real, she has been matched with a dangerous love god, and that he is coming to find her. Soon arrows fly, myths...

  • Dirty Minds
    245K 8K 69

    Please note that this book does include sexual references. It isn't a story, but in fact another game type of thing. Please be mature about this, and if you know you can't be mature about this, don't read it.

  • Bad Puns
    93.1K 4.4K 26

    101 puns that will get you through the day

  • Your hugot/puns/quotes/memes to random perfection!!
    11.5K 519 46

    A book to help you find your true random self, this book will guide you through the different stages of randomness, though this book is made by the QUEEN OF RANDOMNESS!!/ DABLORD!!!! Art cover by ME!!!