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  • Battle The Beast Contest
    99K 1.1K 2

    Create a short story about one of Quentin's Battles with The Beast for your chance to win $10,000.00 USD and have your story turned into a digital short!

  • The Magicians: Battle The Beast
    173 1 1

    Alex Coldwater has faced off against The Beast for eleven times and has died each one. After the time loop resets for the 12th time, he plans to change fate by learning a new type of magic. Follow this short story based on the book and tv series, The Magician, for the contest #BattleTheBeast

  • #battlethebeast BATTLE ROYALE
    161 5 1

    One of Quentin Coldwater's thirty-nine failed encounters with the mad magician known as The Beast. This one's particularly disastrous! For the #battlethebeast contest.

  • DUNGEON CRAWL #BattleTheBeast
    86 6 1

    A quest for a magical artifact leads Quentin and his friends into confrontation with the Beast, with horrifying results (but you knew that already). For the #BattleTheBeast contest.

  • Battle of The Beast
    285 16 1

    My entry for the Battle of the Beast

  • Loopers: #BattleTheBeast
    180 8 1

    One of Quentin Coldwater's thirty-nine failed attempts to defeat the malevolent magician known as The Beast. Based on The Magicians, on Syfy.