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  • The Sofa
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    Fable of a neglected Sofa

  • Writing Your Best Story
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    This is your guide to writng you best story, and making your fans on Wattpad love your writing.  Everything from story-starters, non-cliches, and writing techniques.  Write on!

  • Chronicles of the Craft vol 1 [COMPLETED]
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    "...She watched as the boundary between the worlds of the living and the dead changed from hard stone to threads of gossamer..." (The Thinning of the Veil) A collection of thirteen short stories and chapters of flash fiction, inspired by magic and witchcraft, the paranormal and metaphysical. Some are light, some are...

  • The Magician: An Andromache Jones Mystery (Short Story#1) [COMPLETED]
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    "I am about to set you a challenge, Miss Jones, one that has very real life and death consequences." Andromache Jones, witch, fortune teller and sometimes private detective, has somehow managed to capture the attention of The Magician and finds herself caught up in The Game, his challenge that has very real life and d...