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  • The Via Malcassairo
    133 9 2

    At the far end of time, Professor Yana is the last hope for humanity to escape the Long Night.

  • An Unearthly Man
    2.3K 108 6

  • Rebirth
    99 1 2

    And what rough beast, its hour come round at last, Slouches towards Bethlehem to be born?

  • Primeval
    958 17 3

  • Beyond Time
    10.4K 317 39

    Time travel, aliens, and a wacky tour guide... What could go wrong?

  • Fix Me (Doctor Who Fanfiction)
    618K 21.9K 24

    I ran and ran as the men chased me down the street. They didn't dare shoot knowing Leonardo's anger if they did, but they couldn't afford to lose me either. They were catching up to me quickly and I knew I had made a mistake by even trying to escape. But suddenly, something appeared in the distance. Out of nowhere! A...

  • The Time Lords Wife...
    1.9K 64 6

    Kim starts to pick up strange things after a new teacher arrives at school but when she starts to fall for him his personaity violently changes

  • My Mad Man With A Box (Doctor Who Fanfiction)
    859K 31.7K 33

    Violet is a 17 year old girl, who has always believed in this bowtie wearing time traveler. She meets this man when he sonics his way into her house. These are adventures that she and the Doctor take with many twists and turns in the way.

  • Doctor Who- Sleep.
    5.1K 201 7

    When Izzy is found, nearly dead, team TARDIS do all they can to help her. But will the adventures hide the reality?

  • Doctor Who: Lifes Discoveries
    1.5K 34 3

    Tessa Estany is a rebellious 15 year old but then she meets The Doctor and her life completely changes. She meets people she only ever dreamt of meeting, and gone places that she never knew existed. But life with the doctor isn't always fun and a certain lake may change her life forever.

  • The Locket And The Doctor (Doctor Who Fan-Fic)
    2K 67 3

    My name is Rosie when i was 10 i met an extraordinary man and his wife. Now I'm 17 and i want some answers. I can't remember my parents, and the fact that I'm 10 years from home does stumble me a bit. But I'm starting to figure out that the doctor is way more confusing then my life, but he could at least clear some th...

  • The L Word Chapter 1: Kissogram
    1.2K 23 3

    So, an AU set after that oh-so-very-important ending of Flesh and Stone in series 5. Lots of bad stuff is happening; Amy's being promiscuous, the Doctor's confused, and then there's the quite possible impending doom of the entire universe....but far more important than all of that is establishing that the Doctor is mo...

  • I Need A Doctor (Doctor Who Fanfiction)
    7.7K 162 6

    It’s been 200 years since the Doctor left Messaline, and he is far from forgotten. Sadly the planet is once again preparing for warfare. The humans and H’ath have been getting along smoothly since the Doctor’s departure but a new race of Daleks are starting to take out planets one by one. First Jaffacad, then Bluir a...

  • Doctor Who : Starry Eyed The Rageddy Doctor
    5K 65 7

    Amy Pond was special. He always knew she was.

  • Doctor Who - 01 - Imagination
    8.6K 174 9

    The noise interrupts her music, and while at first confused, Sarah soon realises what it is. She might not have been with the Doctor and the Ponds long, but she soon discovers a shocking secret that changes her life forever. And... is it just her, or does the Doctor seem... off? ---- COMPLETE - First of Sarah's adven...

  • When the Doctor isn't looking (doctor who fanfic)
    26.5K 719 12

    My name is Ivy I'm a timelord I don't want to say to much and give the story away all you need to know is I fall in love with someone I shouldnt

  • Doctor Who: Six of the Best
    5.1K 108 8

    The Doctor and Amy take to the time vortex after the events of "Victory of the Daleks", but detect a strange signal in 1981. Six foreign lifeforms, one powerful device, and a whole lot of trouble await. The first story in a planned "mini-arc" trilogy set within Season 5 of Doctor Who.

  • (doctor who fan fiction!) time-lapse
    615 20 3

    The Dalek supreme is creating a time lapse that he is going to use to trap the doctor and use his time lord energy to transport supreme back in time before the time war. But theres to people that are holding him back. One claims to be the doctor assistant. The other claims to be his daughter

  • Amelia's Story (Come Along, Pond!)
    3.6K 60 14

    A spin on the episode 'The Eleventh Hour' from Doctor Who. I decided to....rewrite it. This is the story of Amelia Jessica Pond, and her imaginary friend The Raggedy Doctor. With a twist!

  • Uhh, Doctor Who? [ON HOLD]
    8.9K 153 11

    She met him when she was young and ran away with him when he came back a few years later. He doesn't really have a name but goes by The Doctor. He has a blue box that's bigger on the inside and travels through time and space. It's called the TARDIS. Living in the TARDIS with The Doctor is absolutely crazy but Zara wou...

  • The Adventure of the Strange Blue Box
    789 20 3

    My own Doctor Who story, with the 11th Doctor and Amy Pond.

  • Through Time And Space
    851 29 2

    When you hear the creak of a door, adrenaline starts running through your veins and you freeze. When you hear the thud of a footstep, your ears seem to grow in size listening intently for the next move. When the Doctor says run, you run.

  • Trust Me, I'm a Doctor
    3.1K 55 7

    A Doctor Who Fanfic. The beautiful cover was made by XxKasi13xX Here is a link to a picture of the TARDIS that I drew.