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  • Gold Train Bamboozle
    12 0 1

    Johnnie and Gabby get transported to Tombstone, AZ in 1880 while reading a magic comic book. They work for Wells Fargo and drive a stagecoach delivering passengers and a strongbox from Tombstone to Benson, AZ to meet the train. They the continue to guard the strongbox containing gold bullion on the train from Benson...

  • Caleb: A Western tale, circa 1880's
    2.1K 195 16

    Suddenly discovering himself to be a wanted man, Caleb Waite flees a posse, barely escaping with his life. Taking refuge on a slightly-rundown ranch called 'Infinity' in order to heal, Caleb soon discovers that nothing is as it appears. Will Caleb fall victim to the secrets contained within the ranch's borders- or to...

  • The House Never Built
    40 1 1

    Memoir - memories of childhood, family struggles, dreams unfullfilled

  • Deadly Harpoons
    34 1 1

    Romeos go on ocean fishing trip and encounter poison jelly fish. Find out act of bioterrorism.

  • Time Warp
    63 1 1

    Couple waiting for bus get transported 100 years into future and are surprised at changes in societal norms. Money, housing, law enforcement, climate change, dress code, population control, etc.