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  • Fallen- book 1 of The Angelic Wars
    94K 6.6K 86

    You must understand that Angels don't play by the same rules as humans, everything I did was justified. If you give me half a chance I'll tell you the real story, the one that hasn't been twisted by my brothers. They call me fallen, the accuser, Satan, and the devil. It's not fair, really. I am still very much an ang...

  • Inked Soul
    130K 15.1K 150

    ❝ Don't be scared to write in ink. Bleed your thoughts, Let it carelessly infuse Between the spaces of blank paper. ❞ - I n k e d S o u l An assortment of short poems. Highest rank :- #01 in Poetry Cover by :- LovemeLovemenotAG ● ● ● Please do not copy my work without my approval. ● ● ● Have a great day!

  • Demon(#Wattys2017 Entry)
    3.5K 665 67

    Black Griffin. A mercenary company well known for their efficient tactics and dominance of war. The Silent Sword, an assassin who can kill before you even blink. The Ruin, a man whose touch can turn anything into a barely recognizable heap. The Willow, a woman who can bind you helplessly in place. The...

  • Wardens of Elysia
    2.3K 341 48

    What if, at 14, you and every teen your age, are called to enter the Warden Academy to learn the basics of warriorhood, wizardry, and watchery? Would you go for it? Tierra, who finally decides to enroll, soon finds out it won't be a walk in the park. She will struggle with her grief upon the loss of her mother, her...

  • Nothing Left To Say
    347 15 4

    A collection of short stories inspired by songs that speak to me in one way or another. Not meant to be much more than mismatched writing samples for my own enjoyment, but if you do happen to read this, please enjoy.

  • Inevitable
    3.6K 872 10

    Time and tide waits for no one.. A tale of two undulating different caricature with completely abstract precedence when clash leave rubbles in the panorama. But after the fights,mendacity, feud,virulence,humor, love vanquishes. For were they too obtuse to acknowledge it. OR TOO LATE.... An inevitable story of tent...