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  • Love Hurts || miniminter x reader 2 (DISCONTINUED?)
    24.4K 584 19

    Simon has come back to realize that he's too late for you to take him back but that doesn't stop him from trying.

  • Love is hard||Miniminter x reader
    199K 3.9K 60

    When you get kicked out, your best friend Vikk takes you to stay at the sidemen house with him, Simon, and Josh. When you fall in love with Simon you learn that love is hard. Since this is youtuber x reader here's some things you need to know if you are new to this. Y/N - your name Y/L/N - your last name Y/F/N - your...

    39.9K 843 40

    "I love this toxic relationship even more..."

  • All Star | miniminter x reader
    126K 3.4K 23

    "Well look who's arrived on the pitch. Y/N Y/L/N! She's new to the team and according to her team, she's gonna help them kick ass. So please welcome OddY/N as she makes history." ***i'm almost done with this book, so when i am, i will be heavily editing a LOT of the first chapters, so for now please excuse the writing...

  • Louder || Simon X Reader ||
    30.1K 560 10

    A Youtuber falls in love with another Youtuber that she has never met before.