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  • The Cell Phone Swap
    121M 2.9M 49

    Keeley accidentally swaps cell phones with a rivaling high school's star quarterback. Unable to switch back until a week later, she must interact with the arrogant boy, passing along texts and voicemails. As she gets to know him better, she realizes there's more to him than sexual innuendos and egotistical comments. B...

  • The RoseGold Awards
    22.6K 1.3K 36

    Easy to join contests. All you need to do is read and follow the rules and you could be the next winner. If this interest you then please read and enter. #708 in Random 6/6/2017 #620 in Random 6/8/2017

  • The Golden Weekly Awards
    23.4K 1.4K 35

    A weekly contest to help promote undiscovered books. New contest prompt each week. Prizes -Shout out -50 follows -50 comments Please read the contest book for more details.

  • The Dragon Princess
    109K 5.5K 45

    ___________________________________________________ h o l d y o u r h e a d h i g h u p g i r l, c a u s e t h e r e a r e p e o p l e t h a t w o u l d l o v e t o s e e y o u f a l l ___________________________________________________ For years I bel...

    11.8K 809 50

    Ranked # 1 in study tipsbas on February and March 2019 #14 in diys as on 17th June 2018 #23 in study tips as and on 27th March 2019 #249 as on 21st September 2017 #303 on 22nd September 2017 #281 on 29th September 2017 #411 on 30th September 2017 Hello my lovelies! it's exam time for most of us, so what's better than...

  • Old Love Dies Hard (spinoff of life happens)
    5.2K 1.1K 39

    COMPLETED: 28th OCTOBER, 2017 --------------------------------------------- "Every time she cried she remembered that every teardrop is a waterfall but her tears weren't waterfalls, they were floods and every time they came, they shook the building of her soul to its foundation. Yet, like floods do, they spread a laye...

  • The Moo Point
    171 47 10

    Hi there! Want to have some fun?Check. Got some free time in hand?Hop onboard. Need an outlet for frustation?Got you covered. Have something you would like to post?Well, you get the picture.Want to annoy somebody?Not exactly ethical but you are in the right place. The-MOO-point will successfully complete your thirst f...

  • PhotonS Book Club
    3.1K 334 13

    Βοοκ Club! [open] 50+ Active members. Just started writing? Or want to have some more people who actually read your books? Wanna interact with fellow talented authors? Join us. You will not regret. We are accepting only English books. #164 #312 #392, #435, #537 Highest in Random Cover credit goes to @thelittlewreck

  • Destiny of the Unknown
    135 29 3

    PLEASE READ the first chapter first. If then also you need it, read ahead. It has many-many characters, mysteries, emotions and is not at all a stagnated one. You'll get to see different (I'll try each) shades of human blended with spices of magic and grandeur. The story emerges from an incomplete dream I saw...

  • Hidden Treasures Awards (OPEN)
    8.2K 485 9

    If you're a small writer looking for recognition The Hidden Treasure Awards are for you!

  • To Die For
    9.3K 891 56

    My name is Benjamin Sharpton. I control a corporation that's known all over the world. The source of income of over a thousand people, rest on my shoulders. Both men and women, young and old, answer to my whims and follow my instructions. Every one answers to me, but there's someone that I'm willing to put everything...

  • Meant To Be His
    11.7K 1.1K 16

    Ibrahim is a son of a wealthy family who lives with his friend. He usually pursues short-term love and do flirting as he meant to do, but when he met Huria, his opinion changed about the life. Will she fall in love or leave him as others did? What fate has written for them? Will she be His? Want to know about more...

  • Let's Take a break 【Coming Soon】
    164 33 1

    Note : All of the parts are Private except the prologue, so you have to follow me to read them. COMING SOON This story is very close to my heart. The part of life with true fact and real stories of people living their life handling problems. I advice to please atleast have a look at the prologue and feedback me in th...

  • The Boy In The Black Shades
    3.2K 821 18

    Enjoy Reading. The Boy In Black Shades He's the guy who every girl dreams of. Well-built Herculean body, charming, introvert, mysterious person. He slip on those black rims so as to mask his pain, which immense through his eyes. Every day nandini goes to dancefit workout classes and found him sitting beside the...

  • Hope Wins
    451 216 10

    just give it a chance my thoughts my dreams my imagination and reader atlast please leave your answers to my questions asked. #248 in Random on 08/12/17 #486 in Random on 06/05/17 #499 in Random on 05/05/17 #599 in Random #625 in Random on 08/05/17

  • Teach me to dream
    2.6K 773 34

    What can fashion teach you about enjoying life, being yourself, following your dreams and... picking the right guy, where you're a computer geek who has always ignored fashion and you happen to meet the ultimate fashion addict? ___ Alice, an Italian girl who lives in London, has always hated fashion, because she t...

  • Trapped In Me *ON A DAMN HOLD*
    9.3K 4.3K 12

    "I'm not a robot, but I also doubt that I'm human either." I want to voice my thoughts, but I can't. I want to live my life the way I wish to, but I can't. I want to save all these people who're dying from my hands, but I can't. All because of a stupid experiment. ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ Lorenzo Forrest was living the lif...

  • Kindred Spirit
    14.7K 3.6K 31

    Your past will never truly be forgotten, I realize this now. Denying it will only make things worse, accepting it will allow you to move on. But do I want to move on? I know how I felt in my past lives, but does that impact how I feel now in this one? Through my visions my past lives are revealed, but it is through...

    Completed   Mature
  • Yes Master! (Yaoi)
    655 16 2

    (REMASTERED VERSION) Warning! Contains:Yaoi,Cursing,Sex When you mix a sweet little cinnamon roll,a dirty squirt of hot sauce,a terrible highschool with terrible teachers who give TERRIBLE PROJECTS, a TON of drama and arguements..You get this.. Riku Imuka is the one that I described as the sweet little cinnamon roll.H...

  • Being Time Honoured
    1.5K 510 7

    (Highest Ranking #13) Brendon, a 17 year old guy, gets to go to extreme past and live the most exciting moments of his life...