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  • Through the Fog
    55.5K 9.9K 23

    Love in the shape of poems. Pain in the shape of words.

  • Ten Night Stand
    284K 6.5K 18

    When Krista has a one night stand with her sexy landlord, she's roped into a world of secrets and sexual pleasure. But will her past--and his--doom the relationship? After their steamy encounter, they strike up a bargain: no sex for ten dates while they learn more about each other aside from their carnal attraction. ...

  • Odin's Prize Private Chapters
    99.7K 7.1K 7

    The private mature chapters of Odin's Prize

  • Fin's Claim The Private Chapters
    77.5K 3.7K 9

    This is the companion book for Fin's Claim, The Private Chapters where it's a mature read.

  • Odin's Prize
    1.2M 131K 61

    Featured Wattpad Story How do you fight the moon? It's not Charlie you've been waiting for, it's always been, Odin. Follow this epic journey of Odin and Charlie in the world where tooth and claw rule. Where the very belief systems of wolves are challenged on the most fundamental levels. There is only one true path to...

  • Fin's Claim
    1M 89K 122

    This time around the story concentrates on Fin and Victoria and their ill-fated mate pairing. Unaware of Fin, Victoria suffering under a father who hates her very existence and starved of affection, Victoria has a dalliance with another male and Fin discovers this. The male in question was his twin brother Grey. This...

  • Creature (#7)
    904K 74.7K 25

    "What are you?" "Lethal." • • • Humans and Creatures. That's what mankind has come to. Some humans were locked up as infants and genetically altered for the purpose of making a stronger specie, and now their offspring have to be tested to see if they are safe to put out into the real world. Having been locked up in se...

  • Love's Like a Feather ( Love Like Series #2 )
    173K 9.9K 13

    SHORT STORY/ ROMANCE. MATURE. MELISSA AND BLAKE'S STORY. Spin- off of Love Like Ours. Love is like a feather. I was broken and shattered. Incomplete. I had scars that never seemed to heal, I had nightmares that never stopped to show me the pit of darkness I was living in. I had build a shield around my soul and hea...

  • Love Like Ours | Editing | ( Love Like Series #1 )
    794K 34.2K 25

    (Mafia Story) Mature content; The story contains rape, kidnapping, sex and strong language. Read at your own risk. ►I felt tears threatening to fall down and I let them as I looked down at myself and gasped at my nakedness. I was fully and completely naked, the white sheet covering up to my breasts. My eyes then fo...

    Completed   Mature
  • Detective
    1.1M 62.3K 17

    "Never underestimate the power of a decent vocabulary." • • • Imagine if you could hear everything your neighbor did on the other side of the wall. Cook - clean - masturbate? Detective Russell Crane quickly deducts that the wall in his new apartment is surprisingly thin. And that his female neighbor has a fondness of...

    Completed   Mature
  • Agent (#3)
    2.5M 126K 31

    "Guns and sex... that's what you are." • • • Rya Wilkins is a top trained agent, working under the orders of the president of USA. Her job involves brutal interrogations, dangerous undercover CIA work, and killing people who pose a threat to their nation. - And a threat like that just so happens to come in the form...

    Completed   Mature
  • Dralan [On Hold]
    1.3M 66.1K 48

    In a world where vampires feed from other vampires and males dominate females... there is but one precious thing left in their world which every vampire craves... A Mihr. Dohmenic is the Dralan - the King - of all vampires, and survives purely on clean blood; The blood of a Mihr, a virgin. Without a Dralaq, a Queen...

  • Genius (#2)
    3.9M 204K 38

    "You want me to be a genius or do you want me to fuck you?" • • • The Alexandrettia is the finest school in the state, known for producing the smartest, and most talented kids in America. 21 year old keen painter Mia Hanson managed to get a spot. She worked her whole life to get inside, to see the hallowed halls her b...

    Completed   Mature
  • Beyond The Needle
    247K 22.6K 40

    "Explosions are my specialty, I can and will be your doom, Now get down on your knees, baby, I'll make your world go boom." • • • Unconventional poems of a conformed man. I voice all my inner chaotic turmoils in rhyming words so they sound less pathetic. And also, I spice it up with dirty poetry, in good ol' me style...

  • A Fractured Lover (Student/Teacher)
    478K 21.4K 50

    The last two years of Alex's life have been emotionally challenging to say the least. Yet, this is a new year and all her unpleasant memories are behind her; including him. Just a few months into the new semester at her university and things start going a little haywire again. Especially with the arrival of a certain...

    Completed   Mature
  • Frost
    1.6M 102K 29

    "I could nibble at your nose... or at your ear... or at your lips... or..." • • • It's December, and Jack Frost has just come to town. Literally. Summer is one of those people who hates winter. Not just because she was named after the opposite season, but because she hated the cold with a burning passion. But when a...

  • Fuck Me Sideways
    1.2M 22K 11

    Sometimes straight just doesn't do it. • • • A collection of short stories and extra chapters from my published works that didn't make the cut. Enjoy.

  • Alexander (#1)
    3.6M 160K 26

    "We could be more than just friends, Soph." • • • He was a player with the brain of a genius. She was his best friend, the only one who could resist his charm. And yet... - Hold on to your panties, because a genius is loose.

    Completed   Mature