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  • Avengers preferences
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    These are avengers preferences. It has a list of the people in the beginning of the book but. Whatever. Iron man. Captain America Hawkeye Thor Black widow Hulk Falcon Spider-Man Loki Scarlet witch Winter soldier Quicksilver

  • The Ghost of You (Victor Creed)
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    Victor growled again, his pale blue eyes searching mine. "Well, Wade's gone..." Fire appeared on my hands, as he was too close for my own comfort now, but he didn't seem to be impressed at all. "Don't even think about it..." he just said, grabbed my arm and pulled me close to him, almost gently laying one hand...

  • The Fairy Of Flames (Avengers X Reader) ON HIATUS
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    Hey guys! So this is my first fanfiction ever. This is a crossover of Winx club and Marvel. The leader of Winx, (Y/N) (M/N) (L/N) is a strong-willed, kind-hearted and caring fairy. Her boy-friend, Sky leaves her for Diaspro. Being as stubborn and persistent as she is, she teleports to Marvel Cinematic Universe and sta...

  • The soldiers. Steve Rogers/Captain America x reader
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    You were a soldier. The first female soldier in the Middle Ages. You died but luckily honey preserved your body. You are gifted with powers when you wake up from the honey and join the Avengers. A relationship blossoms between you and the one and only, Captain America. Reader x Steve Rogers Disclaimer: I only own the...

  • I Thought You Were Different: Part 5
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    Just when life finally settled down, and things found normalcy, or at least as normal as they could be for Steve, he gets a request of himself that he doesn't know if he can fulfill. He promised to give his kids the world, and anything they could ever want, but not this.

  • Tin Can (Tony Stark x reader)
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    You need a job asap, or you may lose your apartment. One evening scanning through the local paper, you see there is an opening for Tony Stark's, CEO of Stark Industry, personal assistant. You get the job, and you're greated with a warm welcome. But after a couple if days, Tony starts acting weird around you. Much kind...

  • [1] BROKEN ONE // t. stark
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    "YOU DID NOT SEE WHAT I SEE," - Terri Elaine Stark. [civil war fanfiction] [tony stark's daughter fanfiction] You know why Tony Stark breaks up with Pepper Potts, but you don't know the reason why. You see Tony Stark's got blamed by people about his inventions, but you don't see how he really feels about it. But Ter...

  • Demon In A Bottle 🔅 Anthony Edward Stark
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    ❛ I didn't do enough. ❜ Tony Stark isn't as much as a villain as most make him out to be.

  • Princess of Asgard
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    I raced down the long golden hallway as I looked over my shoulder to see only one older brother. Where was the other? Next thing I knew my face slammed into someone's chest and I looked up to see the other older brother. Found him. "Hand it over" he said holding out his hand for me to give him his helmet. His helmet w...

  • For a Child
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  • Hard to Hate, Harder to Love (Loki Love Story)
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    This is after Loki tried to take over Midgard and was sent back to Asgard. Charity Heart, such a mellow girl. Always sweet and kind, always the quiet one in the corner. Her hair cascaded down her shoulders slightly hiding her face. But still her bright amber eyes showed through her curtain of hair. She hid lots of sec...

  • Doctor Strange x Reader Imagines
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    Just some Doctor Strange imagines (+ Benedict Cumberbatch). Requests are closed, sorry! I won't do smut, but I may curse sometimes! Hope you like them!

  • Like a Brother
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    Stephanie Rose Barns is Bucky's younger sister. Back in the 1940s Bucky had to go to war and she was left with Steve Rogers. Steve Rogers is like another brother to her and she needs him more than anything. When he becomes Captain America and fights in the war Stephanie knows about the harsh dangers. When Steve brings...

  • It's Strange {Doctor Strange x Reader}
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    The images haunt you but they're always images. Until the day that they aren't. Crossing into another reality you learn that you are far from normal and now your life is only going to get far stranger as time progresses.

  • Strange Addictions [ Doctor Strange X Reader ]
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    Pairing: reader x Doctor Strange Warnings: violence, smut, language As you were walking home to your apartment in New York, a thief appears from nowhere, stabbing you in the gut and taking your belongings. A passerby finds you, calls an ambulance, and you are rushed into a hospital where you meet doctor strange. This...

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  • Death Temple {Doctor Strange x Reader}
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    ((Reader insert)) You are the guardian of a temple located in a locked realm in Wakanda. The only living book of the type of sorcery you teach, resides in the center of this secluded temple. For the sake of learning the almost outdated magic, doctor strange has come seeking the wisdom your sanctuary holds. However, he...

  • Experiment gone wrong // Avengers x Reader
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    [Y/N] woke up in a different place, somewhere she had never been before. Want to know the place?? Well let's open the book shall we? THE MARVEL AND PIC IS NOT MINE AND YOURSELF BELONGS TO YOURSELF.

  • Mission Dummy II: The Fault in Our Starks (Avengers x Reader)
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    Bruh. So get this. Not even a week after that whole Ultron fiasco has passed and yet Tony has screwed up yet again. He started doing experiments TO THE SKY!! He created some kind of worm hole that accidentally sucked in Peter Quill's ship and BAM! The Guardians crash onto the earth. So naturally, Tony has to fix it. H...

  • Chris Evans, Steve Rogers, and Johnny Storm Reader Inserts
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    A/n: This is a Chris Evans, Captain America, and Johnny Storm (Human Torch, Fantastic Four)fanfiction book of imagines, one shots, and preferences. There might be a few of the other Avengers in here as well. Requests are open anytime and feedback is always welcome. Don't be afraid to comment or ask questions or even t...

  • Don't Mess With The Girl With Dragon Wings
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    X Reader | Bucky Barnes | Loki Laufeyson | Fanfiction 🖤 A princess dropped from another realm, the Dragon must navigate her way through the world of the Avengers. Not wanting to re-begin the damage she started on Aliu she stays out of the ways of the superheroes and keeps her powers hidden. But a certain assassin and...

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    FATED | ❝And I know you've spent a lifetime trying to protect me from the staggering pain of grief that comes from losing the things and the people and the places you allowed yourself to care about--but guess what--that's no way to live. As much as it hurts to lose something you love, there's much greater joy in getti...

  • Taking Care Of The Avengers (Loki x Reader) (under edit)
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    A continuous story told through separate and funny one-shots with you and the Avengers. (Loki x reader) Read if you want a safe haven from Infinity War and Endgame. Trust me, you'll love it. You have to read from the beginning to understand a few references in Endgame, but you can manage without it, too. You are the...

    Completed   Mature
  • ASSEMBLE ✦ avengers chatroom
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    Chatroom Oneshots featuring the Avengers and the reader with special guest appearances from Deadpool, the X-Men, Guardians of the Galaxy, as well as crossovers from the Justice League. Completed! Book two is now up, VALHALLA (marvel social media).