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  • If MLP FiM Characters had Instagram
    4.2K 184 9

    Hi Bronies and Pegasisters! This is a new story that basically tells what would happen if MLP FiM Characters had Instagram Accounts. They have hilarious chat wars and literally sometimes its over the dumbest things, they include ships and other characters, even ocs if you want! Everything belongs to it's rightful ow...

  • Bloodlust
    742 70 13

    In a city where sunlight is rare and a mysterious string of murders are taking place in, Octavia, roommate of the rowdy Vinyl Scratch is beginning to have suspicions about what her best friend has been doing in her free time.. Who's the killer..? And why are they killing these people? (P.S It's spookier if you read it...

  • My Flashlight (A Flashlight Fanfic)
    4.4K 184 10

    The red glow in the middle of the forest attracted the alicorn. Trees were twisting and bending in all kinds of directions. Before she knew it, she was on a mission to save Equestria. Princess Twilight Sparkle, the Princess of Friendship must venture through Everfree Forest. Unfortunately, her friends were all occupi...

  • The Princess and The Guard - Flashlight [Revised Version] -By DragonFoxGirl
    5.8K 172 5

    This is an awesome Flashlight fanfiction created by the amazing DragonFoxGirl on DeviantArt and, reuploaded onto WattPad and revised by yours truly. :3 I am uploading this simply for your own entertainment and easy access, so please remember to support the original uploads! I hope you guys enjoy it! Be...

  • My little Scarlett
    19K 646 13

    Sequel book to... My little pony: friends love and magic. Flash and twilight decide to start a life together as a married couple. Scarlet loves hanging out with her cousin, Princess Skyla. As her little filly grows more problems occur, can Flashlight handle it?

  • My little pony: friends, love and magic
    154K 4.9K 25

    *COMPLETED* [EDITING IN PROCESS] A loving story based on the blossoming romance of Twilight Sparkle and Flash Sentry. Shining Armour, Twilight's brother, doesn't like Flash all that much though. Will Flash reveal his feelings for Twilight, standing above her protective big brother to win her heart? Or will Shining Ar...

  • Mlp my opinion on shipping
    3.5K 169 24

    What the title says

  • Mystery's Book of Art
    170K 11.4K 200

    A collection of my art. This will consist of mainly: • Awoken Art (Warning for Spoilers) • My Little Pony Art • Miraculous Art • Anime/Humans • Video Game Fanart • Not really much else I do not do requests; if you ask, I will be forced to shove an aloe plant down your throat, thank you very much. All art belongs to me...

  • Pegasus Device
    1.8K 35 6

    Any final words, you miserable, worthless whore of a foal? ...You have... beautiful eyes. Get everypony out of this room. Seal it off. Lock it down. No one goes in unless I say they can. But Ms. Dash- Do as I say! Use the backup devices for now. The main theater room is to remain off-limits to everyone! Ms. Dash, what...

  • Cupcakes
    4.8K 210 9

    Cupcakes By Sergeant Sprinkles: World's Greatest Party Clown Edited by Edinpony WARNING: This fanfiction is incredibly gory, and may ruin your appreciation of a certain My Little Pony character as well as the titular baked goods. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK!

  • Creepyninja!!! *A Creepypasta Ninjago crossover*
    779 17 3

    After Nadahkan was defeated, a new enemy shows up... one with magic... what will happen to the ninja? Will Ninjago be safe again?

  • Dead End Disney
    693K 25.3K 19

    Have you ever been to Disney World? Or How about Disney Land? Animal Kingdom is a must am I right? And I'm sure you have been to Epcot! A new Disney attraction has come to Orlando, Florida and it's called Dead End Disney! But Dead End Disney has a few....horrifying secrets. *Book Two Has Been Made*

  • Cupcakes (Equestria Girls)
    5.3K 235 7

    Basically Cupcakes but my version Rainbow Dash went to Sugarcube Corner after practice to visit Pinkie Pie. She made a "special" cupcake for her. But that one cupcake cost a whole terror for Dash. Will she survive to tell the tale, or will she be like the rest of Pinkie's "special" ingredients?

  • The Demon's Soul [Sample]
    9.8M 171K 15

    She leaned down to look inside the well and sighed. Tucking back her hair behind her ear as the evening wind blew. "I told you not to be a curious cat," she scolded looking at the well to receive a small 'meow' from it. Her cat had stepped on the edge of the well no matter how many times she placed it back on the grou...

  • My Dashie
    28.2K 924 10

    ⚠️DISCLAIMER ⚠️ this story is old and has shitty grammar... I'm just warning you now so you don't bitch about it in the comments (14 yr old me couldn't write worth a shit I'm sorry lol) Also they are pony human hybrids or whatever.... idk it's kinda dumb XD • • • • Pinkie pie has been best friends with Dash (and has...

  • Nya and Kai's doll
    2.1K 137 10

    This is a ninjago story about.. Well read and find out

  • The Story Of Minkie The Lost Pie Sister
    34 0 1

    ever wonder about her story well here ya go the i do not own minkie obsidian pie or mlp

  • Rainbow Factory
    887 15 1

  • Creepypasta Stories
    474K 15.3K 129

    I did not write any of these stories, the credit goes to the author's. Thanks for listening, enjoy! ~_DescendingDarkness_~

  • Rainbow factory (rp)
    1K 15 6

    Nopony knows what happens behind the walls of the Rainbow Ractory

  • There's Something in the Woods - A Slenderman Fanfic (COMPLETE)
    3.1K 95 18

    When Lindsay and her family move to a remote location in Northern Germany, things seem to be going well. Until a strange figure appears in her life, that is. With just herself and a loyal local boy against a supernatural being, will they be able to escape the forest alive? (This short-ish story has now been completed)

  • Minkie's book of murder
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    My wonderful book of murders

    10K 733 63

    WARNING: I suck at drawing... so yeah Also follow me on Instagram @shadow.art13

  • Something Sweet to Bite
    9.2K 116 6

    *WARNING* This is a grimdark fic if you don't like bloody or dark fics you don't have to read this. If are screamish when it comes to gore then this reading is not for you. Description: A tale of the origins of Nightmare Night and the consequences of not respecting tradition. All rights go to the original writer:- Kn...

  • Awoken from the Rainbow Factory
    1.2K 37 9

    Watch the song in the chapter before to get a better understanding of the story.

  • The Rainbow Factory *ORIGINAL*
    11.8K 253 1

    DISCLAIMER- I do not own this story, all credit goes to Aurora Dawn (original song by WoodenToaster). I had noticed that the original fanfiction wasn't on Wattpad, so I decided to put it out there for every pony to read. It's an amazing story, and very well written. WARNING!!! Involves excessive gore and cursing. Lin...

  • The Experiments Of Twilight Sparkle
    48.6K 331 8

    This is not my story. I really like this story and I do not want to take any credit for making this story. Please enjoy.

    Completed   Mature