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  • Is it just a friendship, or more ?
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    Ed wants to propose Oswald ,but some misunderstanding ruins everything It takes place in an alternative season 4 We all hoped Lee will help Ed and oswald find each other Leave a comment if you like it 😘

  • Nygmobblepot - Just Friends?
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    Oswald is still in Arkham and he needs to get out as soon as possible, not only because he want to get back to he's Gotham Throne but he let the one who betrayed him take care of Martin... Victor. Penguin is behind bars without knowing what happens to Martin now. Edward comes to visit Oswald to ask what he did. At fi...

  • cold eyes|nygmobblepot
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    "I know this is wrong but I'm helpless to make the right decision around you" "What's that supposed to mean" Oswald tries not to fall in love with Edward again after he's unfrozen, but that might be difficult considering Edward has no recollection of anything past Oswald going to Arkham for the murder of Theo Galavan...

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    i know i could treat you better, but im not that smart. [ Tw ]

  • Closer
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    Since Edward found Oswald and brought him home they have become...closer Not sure what to rate it yet

  • The Cake.
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    Oh gosh what have I done? I finished a peice of work at school and deicded to start writing a new fanfic. A happy one. asked my friend for some ideas and they said "baking a cake!" I regret doing this. help.

    Completed   Mature
  • One Last Phone Call
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    "Ed.. I'm sorry." ! Warnings ! Bit of Gore, character death.

  • Nygmobblepot one shots
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    So I ship Edward The Riddler Nygma and Oswald The Penguin Cobblepot so hard. So he's one shots about them. TAKING REQUEST (Whatever you want fluff, smut, etc) If you want maybe I'll add different ships

  • Edwald Nygmobblepot One-Shots
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    Warning: some mature content. (not all mature, though!)Just some one-shots I decided to write in my spare time about the greatest ship I've seen in my life, and thought I would share with the world :P I may have gone a little crazy this summer watching Gotham for the first time and now I've pretty much sacrificed...

  • Sigh No More (A Nygmobblepot FanFiction)
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    "Love; it will not betray you Dismay or enslave you, it will set you free Be more like the man you were made to be. There is a design, an alignment to cry Of my heart to see, The beauty of love as it was made to be" - Sigh No More (Mumford & Sons) This book tells the story of two young men, Edward Nygma and Oswald Co...