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  • Call Him Ugly// ✔️COMPLETED✔️
    258K 8.4K 83

    Jack is always called ugly. But what happens when a football player stands up for him? Disclaimer⚠️ Contains: Self harm Bullying Boy x boy content Depression Trigger warnings Smut You've been warned⚠️

    Completed   Mature
  • So warm: a Dan x Phil fanfic.
    44.2K 971 5

    Phil wakes up to hear Dan's nightmares. He decides to sooth his friends pain. A wild adventure in friendship and feelings. Existentialism can get you a boyfriend.

  • Haunted (Dan Howell/Phil Lester)
    211K 7.8K 25

    When Dan dies from a sudden sickness Phil finds it hard to let go. //Don't steal\\