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  • Ninjago: The Mask of chaos (AU based off S8)(ON HOLD)
    508 33 6

    Hidden deep into the ramparts of Ninjago, were the three Oni masks, left and created by the Oni warlocks. The mask of vengence, a red artifact to fulfill your wildest dreams in becoming an expert sword's men, the mask of deception, an orange fabrication made to lift up anything existant. Finally. There was the infamou...

  • Ninjago S9 Fanfic: Reconciled hearts(Lloyrumi)
    4.5K 281 40

    As Ninjago city fall into ruins in the hands of Emperor Garmadon, the resistance and the SOG would have to form an unwilling alliance after the discovery of Garmadon's intentions for Harumi's organization when he's done ruling it all. They'd have to fight and watch out for eachother for their survival's sake. But as t...

  • Freaks Like Us (Monster!NINJAGO)
    1K 90 4

    Two half-demon siblings, trying to find the parents they lost long ago. A bubbly vampire raised by humans, trying to find his birth clan. A recently-turned werewolf desperately trying to hide his monstrous secret from his father. A soft-spoken ghost longing to figure out his mysterious past. Five young monsters all co...

  • The Ones That Got Away [Complete]
    11.2K 617 20

    In the aftermath of Garmageddon, Lloyd, Nya, and PIXAL, aka 'the ones that got away', have to come to terms with the loss of their friends and family (unknowing that Wu and the other four Ninja are still alive) and, with the help of some old friends, prepare to free Ninjago from its new Emperor. Cover by @Sopherloafer

  • Escape Ninjago *On Hold*
    1.1K 61 7

    *Currently on hold as of 12/15/18* After a terrible curse hit the land of Ninjago, the whole city turns into chaos. Citizens turned into monsters, animals turned to beast, but what happened to the hero's of Ninjago. Only a few people were not effected by this curse and they must go to the dark island in order to survi...

  • Ninjago: Change Of Heart AU (Alternate S9 Storyline) (Currently on hold)
    8.5K 231 25

    This AU involves: -The Ninja never being sent to the Oni realm ✔️ -Harumi lives during Ep 92 ✔️ -Ultra Violet, Mr. E, Killow and Harumi join the resistance and betrays Garmadon ✔️ ~~~ Note: Not everything written will be accurate to the episodes of Ninjago. There might be missing details or things might be changed a...

  • Long Time No See (Ninjago post-Rebooted AU)
    26.2K 1.7K 36

    Takes place after Rebooted. Due to a misunderstanding, Jay believes that Nya has chosen Cole and leaves the team. While the others are unsuccessfully trying to find him, a heartbroken Nya finds out she's pregnant with her ex-boyfriend's child (which kinda explains her messed-up emotions, irrational behaviour, and sudd...

  • SWAPPED- Tournaments Of Elements Wave 2
    3.2K 254 9

    (TAKES PLACE RIGHT AFTER THE EVENTS OF SEASON 5) After defeating the Preeminent, Nya and the rest of the ninja have come to find that there have been a few ghosts that escaped and turned back to their human form by ways of magic. The famed Master Chen, owner of the most popular Noodle House in Ninjago, has sent myst...

  • The 6 Rules
    1.2K 101 7

    These are the Main Six Rules 1. No Killing 2. No Love affairs 3. No Working with the Enemy 4. No Children 5. Don't Revel any Secrets to anyone 6. Never, EVER, break Code:NNQ A rule broken, punishments are memory wipe, banishment, or even death. That's what broke the Ninja team apart. Before anyone faced their punis...

  • Ninjago - The Serpentine War
    297 9 12

    Hi! Just a book about the previous Elemental Masters - you know, Ray, Maya, the others ones who have no names. Hope you enjoy it!

  • Cute Ninjago Fan Art and Moment 's
    389 39 5

    These are support to be really cute and I actually think these are cute too hope you enjoy and tell me I'm the comments or on my bio comments how I did!😎✨ -Grace~Chan ❤

  • Of Milk and Cookies
    477 41 13

    Lloyd can't exactly pinpoint what it was that lead him to considering the Destiny's Bounty his home, or how he came to view its crew as his family. There are hundreds of little moments late at night with Nya, or playing video games with the gang. And somehow, most of them involve cookies. Latest: Growing up is hard, e...

  • Baby Burnts {Ninjago FanFic}
    10.3K 229 11

    Kai saved us all, so what about him?

  • Ninjago: New way of the Ninja {Editing}
    6K 230 31

    What if things happen earlier or things never happen. What if the ninja meet each other when they see in highschool. They are always together in trouble or in good ways. Even though they have many challenges in school,they always solve it when they were together. Sometimes trolling or pranking each other for fun. I do...

  • Lil' Ghost
    6.4K 300 9

    After Lloyd and Morro were separated, and unknown side affect of the possession caused Morro to change. could this be a second chance for him? Ranked #1 In Morro 5/11/18

  • Two Minds Alike (Ninjago) (On Hiatus)
    90 6 6

    One day, Neuro gets a text from an unknown number. At first, he doesn't believe what they say, thinking, hoping, that they're lying to him. But they aren't. In fact, one unexpected text leads to a chain reaction of disasters. Buried secrets are revealed, new powers show themselves, and both old and new forces are aw...

  • Baby Ninja [COMPLETED!♡]
    1.5K 167 18

    This book is dedicated to @DWfangirl16 because her baby Zane book gave me the idea...i hope I'm not copying though. After the ninja come back from a long mission Zane decides to help Ronan pack up his stuff. Zane pricks himself on a tipped dart...the effects of the dart are unknown.

    Completed   Mature
  • Infant Accident - Ninjago Fanfiction
    2.4K 127 15

    Skylar, Seliel and Nya got a call from Pixal that she helped Cyrus Borg create a new invention that can turn someone invisible. When she turned it on, the machine malfunctioned and turned the girls into toddlers. When Mr. Borg discovered this, he wanted to run to the ninjas but if he did, they will never forgive them...

  • The Story of a Misunderstood Princess
    415 11 3

    This is the backstory of the infamous Princess Harumi of Ninjago, aka the Quiet One. This story takes you from the young years of her childhood to the years leading up to when she met Lloyd.

  • Losing Myself- A Ninjago Fanfiction
    12.3K 455 20

    #252 in Ninjago #40 in ninjagofanfiction #4 Nadakhan What if the reporter never found the floating pieces of land from Ninjago? What if Jay wasn't able to drop the message in the bottle into the ocean? What if instead of staying on board the ship for a couple of days, it was for a month? Jay starts to struggle...

  • For my sister
    3.4K 172 9

    {COMPLETED BOOK} Nya is diagnosed with a disease. There have been no records on this disease and there's no cure.. Well.. there is a cure, the cure comes from Kai and Nya's father. But their father have no medicine for it. So Kai and Skylor go to the past to find the medicine before it's to late. Everything for his...

  • The Call to Rise
    11.9K 612 33

    In a modern day setting, Ninjago is need of a superhero. Instead, they get four teenaged boys with elemental powers. Jay-an energetic guy who was struck by lightning at the age of six. Kai-a hot-headed boy-turned-super soldier who was kidnapped by a mysterious man at the age of nine. Cole-a teen with earth based power...

  • NINJAGO: The Demon's Spirit
    1K 48 8

    After a mission, something terrible happens. A demon's spirit is unleashed. Now, the ninja have more to face than just love, sadness, and other challenges. They must work together as a team before all of darkness has corrupted Ninjago... Cover by: @TheNinjagoFangirl

  • Tea accident...or was it?
    788 25 6

    Peace has finally returned to Ninjago, and Master Wu has started his retirement in Steep Wisdom, a tea shop. Unfortunately, accidents happen, one so making the ninja babies! Or was it an accident.... had someone sabotaged the tea? If so, who..... (Relationships are in this story)

  • My Baby Boyfriend {DISCONTINUED}
    6.4K 193 17

    The Ninja went on a mission one day and they got... well no one knows what happened but the ninja DE-AGED! With all the ninja as babies, who's gonna look after Ninjago and, more importantly, the ninja! ------------ I DO NOT OWN NINJAGO. NINJAGO IS OWNED BY LEGO, THE ONLY THING I OWN IS THE IDEA OF THE STORY. MOST CHAR...

  • Breaking - Ninjago Fanfiction
    3.6K 129 14

    It's all over. The fights, the battles, the wars. All gone. That's what we thought. Then they came and ripped us apart.

  • Kai's illness
    23.4K 591 9

    Nya goes missing after a mission and Kai goes out alone to find her, it the wind and rain Kai becomes very sick after bringing her home.

  • Baby Bolt
    21.4K 855 15

    Jay goes on a mission by himself and encounters a mysterious plant that has very odd affects when eaten. Ranked #231 in Ninjago 5/11/18

  • Bruises
    500 28 5

    Kai is left scarred, physically and emotionally, after the battle between he and Tech Wu in the junk yard. But when Wu's turned back to normal, he can't remember ever being under the Overlord's power- or fighting Kai, for that matter. He has no idea why Kai suddenly seems so tentative and wary. Protective, too. He fig...

  • Ninjago Highschool (Discontinued)
    15.5K 732 33

    This version of Ninjago Highschool follows Jay the freshmen. It's been a few weeks since school started and Jay isn't having the greatest luck. Jay gets bullied by Cole and neither of them can get the girl of their dreams, Nya. Jay thought this school year would be awful,until his science teacher, Dr.Julien, gives him...