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  • Red Marceline x Marshal Lee
    6.2K 283 8

    I refuse to fall for this ..boy. I refuse to fall for my fathers enemy's son. Marceline Abadeer is a vampire heir same as Marshal Lee. The two have no desire to rule a kingdom but rather to have ordinary teen lives. But when the parallel universe kingdom visits the Night-o-Sphere the Demon Queen proclaims that the two...

  • They Come in Twos
    11.5K 390 15

    This is an adventure time fanfic, and its the first one I've ever written so if its bad I'm sorry! I'm not the best at descriptions, but its about Marceline and Marshall Lee. I hope you like it :)

  • Fireflies (marshall and marceline)
    62.8K 2.4K 46

    everything happens for a reason, right? it just happened that Finn found a cave that joins the two dimension, like a mirror. the world on the other side was known as 'Aaa', which just happened to be where the swap-versions of the people in 'Ooo' live. As for abadeer, ash was already a history in her life...will she re...