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  • BLOOD BROTHERS - Sample Chapters
    11.9K 758 40

    Two of the world’s top assassins—twins separated from birth, but inevitably drawn to the same kind of women—find themselves married to a pair of sorceresses. When their firms schedule them for cancellation, their one escape is through the women they love into a realm of magic, dragons, and warlocks—and worlds that wil...

  • One Big Problem
    3.8K 277 22

    Wayne Cote was just your typical private investigator; trying to avoid any kind of work possible. But then one day the world's biggest cliché walked in, and dropped one big problem into his lap. Now everyone is out to get him, from crazy jazz club owners to rival P.I.s to even the United States Military. All the whi...

  • The Return (Book One in the Wattpad Featured Return Series)
    4.1M 38.5K 16

    "Why do I remember every detail of the day I was born? It's not just because of the dream; it's because today, October 10, 1997, will be the seventh time." Eleanor Blackwell is turning seventeen and although excited about her birthday, she already knows what it will bring. At seventeen Ellie will meet the boy of her...

  • In Honour of the Heart [Wattpadprize14]
    363K 11K 47

    Isabelle's life is flawless. She has a perfect husband in Isaac and a gorgeous little baby. Then her past comes calling in the form of Ethan. Soon she is being torn in two directions and is afraid she will lose everything. Vows are easy to make, but Isabelle is learning how hard they are to live. http://www.facebook.c...

  • Warrior: The Forging of a Champion
    1.7K 162 16

    By day Doug White is an ordinary sophomore in high school, but by night he trains as a black belt in the ancient Korean martial art of Tae Kwon Do. Doug is obsessed with winning the Jr. National Tae Kwon Championship. His dream of a gold medal is in jeopardy from the anger of his overbearing coach; his friend Dan, w...