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  • WHOOPS Wrong Number
    9.8K 239 19

    MARKLE Fanfiction #Gmw #Markle When Maya accidentally texts someone else what will happen I dont own any of the gmw characters they are from disney but i mad the plot and the whole story

  • We became Friends through texts
    1.8K 51 7

    ONE DAY RILEY WAS BORED SO SHE DECIDED TO GO ON HER PHONE AND ADD 5 Strangers to a chat what will happen ? Disclaimer: I dont own the gmw characters just the whole plot . I will change some of the backgrounds of characters so it wont be exactly like gmw but hope you like it

  • 2 Months
    3K 91 24

    @mixedariana: Let's do this! Only single people, 14&older, okay? Make a group on Instagram (only Instagram) 5 fangirls and 5 fanboys - we will pair up in 2's and will make a fake relationship, for 2 months. Whoever falls in love first loses. @mixedariana tagged you in a comment: Dare you @bubleluvs ? Sabrina and C...

  • Opposites Attract
    31.7K 627 18

    Maya and Farkle are more alike than you think. On the outside they look like total opposites but when it comes to their feelings the find out they may be more alike than they think. Like they say, "Opposites Attract"

  • Next Step(being adopted by life-is-neverland)
    5.6K 194 7

    I really suck at descriptions, but... this is the sequel to arranged marriage!!!so yeah hope u guys enjoy!

  • Girl meets ships
    46K 1.2K 28

    COMPLETED Girl meets world ship one-shots; Short stories about; Rucas Lucaya Rilaya Rarkle And more :)

    Completed   Mature
  • his love | markle
    6.7K 250 3

    // Farkle had the chance to capture every moment, now it's time for Maya to do the same//

  • Everything Has Changed ✗ Markle
    12.1K 494 6

    "I Just Want To Know You Better Now" When she were little, Maya Hart met a little Nerdy boy Named Farkle Minkus. From that day on she knew he'd be in her life forever, and They've been best friends ever since. They've always been in each others lives, always being able to talk to the other. They were open books. But l...

  • Evolution: Sequel to Corbrina
    2.1K 103 10

    Hey guys! I'm back with a bigger and better story! I hope you love it! In this story Corey and Sabrina get married and a lot more. I will be taking ideas from my readers. Yay!

  • On Purpose: A Corbrina Fanfiction *COMPLETED*
    14.7K 338 22

    Brabrina is over. Can Sabrina find a new love hiding in plain sight? Find out in On Purpose: A Corbrina Fanfiction!

  • Corbrina Fanfic: Hidden Feelings
    38.5K 1.2K 26

    Girl Meets World was renewed for a fifth season! During the long wait guess who got together... Peyton and Rowan are now in a relationship! There relationship is healthy and stable, no distractions. On the other hand, Sabrina catches feelings for Corey. Within the long break of announcements, both of them spent time...

  • Corbrina [COMPLETED]
    52.2K 1.6K 41

    A story of Corey Fogelmanis and Sabrina Carpenter from the beginning. This is a fanfiction so this story is completely out of my imagination.

  • Girl Meets Double Agent
    12.7K 413 14

    (Takes place after Girl meets Texas part 3) Maya moves away to Ashland, Oregon. Riley, Farkle and Lucas have not seen her or heard from her for 3 years. In Oregon, the organization recruits her to be a teenage spy, then gammy/ Angela Hart (Maya's grandmother) and her mother dies in a car crash. She is sent to Washing...

  • The Genius and the Rebel
    17.2K 582 22

    Completed   Mature
  • Money//Markle//
    70.8K 3.1K 42

    They both had rich families. Both business collided. Minkus Inc. and Katy Hart Designs. Both competing to see which business would get more money. No kids or friends or other family members met, only the business owners. Stuart Minkus and Katy Hart. But what happens when two of the kids meet? Find out in my new story...

  • The One Week || M.H. + F.M. [Markle]
    28.2K 1K 7

    Farkle Minkus has always had a huge crush on his best friend, Maya Hart. Maya, on the other hand, only sees him as a friend. Basically, it was one sided: Farkle had the crush, but Maya didn't return those feelings back. Farkle's nemesis, Smackle, has a crush on him, but he doesn't feel the same way, since they're ac...

  • Never give up hope
    38.7K 924 46

    "If I don't hope I won't get hurt" "Never give up hope" "It happens for a reason" ❤Rucas ❤Faya ❤GMW

    Completed   Mature
  • markle playlist || m.h. + f.m. [markle]
    13.6K 379 7

    song inspired one-shots about maya hart and farkle minkus