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  • PRERISH TS: Ishq mein marjawan...
    3.9K 265 5

    "Iss ishq mein marjawan Kuch bhi kasam se karjawan Hadh se bhi guzarjawan Kuch bhi kasam se karjawan " He puts forward the proposal of marriage to give his daughter a mother, She accepts the proposal as a deal to save the man she loves, The equation of their marriage is simple in which love wasn't even a factor be...

    Completed   Mature
  • RiAnsh - A tale of Love and betrayal
    29.5K 1.3K 12

    It's story of Vansh Raisinghania and Riddhima, how their lives collide with each other. A tale of their love, obsession, betrayal and sacrifice. Top Rankings 1 in #Riansh 1 in #Riddhima 1 in #Vansh 23 in #sacrifice 58 in #Romancefanfiction 71 in #Obsession For consecutive more than 1 month

  • Tum mere ho
    59K 4K 10

    Story based on 6 month leap track where Sanskar saw Nikhil holding Swara 's hand and he saying I love you Swara to her. Sanskar seeing this from window.

  • MaNan ~ Maze of Miseries
    28.2K 3.4K 7

    The girl no one ever noticed and the guy no one dared to ignore. A FS :) cover by @haripriyaax_ ❤️🥰

  • Justice... On The Spot
    15.1K 943 2

    A two shot with unexpected, unimaginable twist in the terrace scene on Payash's marriage 😱 Won't reveal more 🤤 Just peep in & I m sure it would shock u, pleasantly though 😉 Credit for the awesomazing cover goes to @MeghaMiglani

  • The Messiah Of Self (Completed ✔️)
    22.2K 2.2K 18

    Maya Mehrotra had loved, beyond life, beyond death. Aditya Hooda had trusted. Even after a broken childhood they had tried to mend their lives but not everyone is lucky in life. Those who find love are blessed. Those who find peace are more blessed. The story of two souls who lost what they held close to their heart...

  • OS: Yours Truly
    9.6K 445 1

    An OS on Arshi! No hints :p

  • Arshi OS: Protecting you
    9.9K 586 1

    A short OS about domestic violence. Khushi is mistreated by Arnav's dadi and the situation goes beyond control. Dadi hurts Khushi and this makes Arnav infuriated. Let's see how Arnav handles this situation.

  • The AdiYa Book
    15.4K 916 7

    I'll be posting my stories on AdiYa here. Each story will have maximum five to six parts.. 1. AdiYa FS - Agar Tum Mil Jao (Completed) 2. AdiYa TS - Fated (Coming soon) ** Enjoy **

  • "AsYa OS: Moving On."
    1.5K 33 2

    She didn't wanted to marry anyone, yet she married him. Her life was gloomy and dark rebelling his happy and sparkling life. It was an opportunity for her to lighten up her life! Will she let him heal her or will she push herself deeper into sadness? Peep in to find out. A/N: Characters are taken from Indian Daily So...

  • Emotionally Hurt...
    80.3K 2.7K 4

    Cover pic: @Uzma_Farheen (Thanks Di for this amazing Cover!! ) Arnav Singh Raizada known as The Great ASR who protected his family from every odds failed protect himself and his wife from the biggest loss of his life. The wife whom he married forcefully to protect the small yet happy world of his sister not knowing ho...

  • OS - Trusting His Heart.
    6.4K 352 1

    ASR has been dealing with his life listening to his mind. How will he deal with it when he comes to know about Shyam's real face.. the same ASR way or like Khushi's Arnav or his Di's Chhote?? Will he trust his love? Here is my first work on Arshi and probably my first hand in writing. So spare me people if its not up...

  • There's Nothing Without You (Under editing)
    583K 29.6K 74

    Previous Title : Tum Jo Nahi Toh Kuch Bhi Nahi He was sitting emotionlessly. He looked toward her in anger. She also looked at him but she was confused and couldn't actually know what's going on in his mind. Mantras started and time was passing, He was doing whatever the priest was saying but his mind was roaming some...

  • Nothing is Impossible- An AkshAn FF
    25.8K 1K 36

    The story of a young , naughty and less confident girl Guddan who crosses path with a mature guy and rich entrepreneur Akshat Jindal, also known as AJ. AJ is a widower who loved his late wife, Antra dearly. AJ is the father of three sons whom he adopted. Destiny plays it's game and one day Guddan and AJ gets married...

  • swasan -unexpected marriage (Completed )
    77K 4.2K 21

    It's story of sanskar who was cheated by Ragini and her dadi ..presenting Swara as Ragini ...what will happen when sanskar get know on wedding date

  • The Sins of the Father ...An Asya Story
    29.7K 1K 23

    I wrote this awhile ago. This story is based on Asad and Zoya at the start of their saga.

  • The unwanted wedding
    20.7K 788 13

    Characters: Kabir mittal- retired wrestler. Tired of looking for love he makes a business arrangement with Karan sharma. Karan offers his young daughter in marriage in order for Kabir to pay off his debts.kabir is through with love. He wants someone solely to warm his bed and give him child Karan sharma- A cruel ma...

  • Khushi
    23.8K 1.2K 2

    Collab between me n @Kiddo_Star A short TS which portrays Khushi's feelings when Aarav and Sheetal enter their lives and create hurdles in their lives. It depicts about how Khushi becomes determined to not forgive Arnav and the family this time.

  • Protecting Him
    100K 5.4K 12

    Arnav has been protecting the two most important women in his life from all the difficulties. But you shouldn't underestimate the women either. Watch out how they protect the man who is their only strength and whom they love the most. So here is my take on Sheetal's track. Something different and I hope you all like...

  • Devi maiyyas wish
    266K 13.4K 48

    Story starts in the beginning of the show when Khushi says she will go to Lucknow after the guest house incident. I felt Khushis self respect was always at stake every time she had an encounter with the Raizadas... Few changes here and there.. This is my first creation of Arshi, hope you enjoy it

  • Agar Tum Saath Ho ✔
    59.6K 1.7K 4

    #653 IN FANFICTION "KHUSHI-JI" The very foundation of Shaantivan shook as the residents of Shaantivan heard their porcelain-doll-like-daughter raise her voice against the elder daughter-in-law of the house. Everyone looked at their ever-so loving Anjali with shock on their faces. They have never seen or even imagined...

  • Akshan Ts baho ke darmiya
    2.2K 77 2

    current track with my twist

  • Arshi OS - My Secret Knight
    10.1K 502 1

    What If Arnav rejected her resignation? What If Khushi joined back to work in AR? 15-Sep-2018

  • ArShi OS: Second Chances
    11K 449 1

    Peep in to Find Out

  • Mjhe Teri Zarorat Hai!!! ✔
    17.6K 758 1

    Title Translation: I need you!!! Scene: Arshi's contract marriage. 🌺

    11.4K 624 2

    BY: RIMA

  • Two broken hearts ( when become one)
    74K 3.1K 8

    This TS based on track when Swara pushed by Ragini in river. This story is of two broken heart Path of two broken heart when become one

  • Swara Ki Nautanki(completed )
    47.1K 3.5K 23

    Story of two sister where swara take man avatar to save her sister Ragini as Ragini told lie to get the job from dp....later laksh falls for Ragini and Swara for sanskar How Swara will deal with the problem ? How swalak make there partner falls for them? Every thing was going smoothly Swara Ragini decided to end fake...

  • bleeding heart needs love(completed)
    30.5K 1.3K 13

    Sanlakrag leaving with anger pain reveng552e and hidden love and three family with sorrow pain guilt anger hatred 4 Swara comes as a ray of hope

  • Swasan : Journey to love!!!
    163K 6.6K 29

    The plot starts from the preparations of the wedding of the Darling immature son of Maheshwari empire and Our lovely Swara . In this Sanskar behaves as a mad person to break the marriage of swara and sanskar but not for revenge . He was thrown out of the house for some reasons which were never true . Even Swara does...