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  • fateful italian passion fanfic
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    . This was written for the competition olga is conducting and I did not write to win and I did it because I wanted to try my hand at writing. 18+ mature content. read at your own risk.

  • Club Drunken Cherry Fan Fiction
    423 72 1

    This is my version of a chapter following a not so recent update on Olga Goa's book CDC. Avid readers of the said book will know which one I am referring to. For those interested to know, read the Club Drunken Cherry by @Olga_Goa. It has the most amazing and original plot. This scenes/one shot may also be a stand alo...

  • Bonded Forever - Fan Fiction
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    Lets Join, Lucenzo Veneziani and Francesca Lascatti from the book "Fateful Italian Passion" Written by Olga_GOA.

    Completed   Mature
  • Naughty or Nice (One shots)
    974 43 5

    [Open for request] Collection of one shot short stories either by request or written on my own.

  • Club 'DRUNKEN CHERRY' (Contest FanFic)
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    Contest Winner!!!!! The original "CLUB Drunken Cherry" is written by @Olga_GOA. This one shot is for a contest that she is hosting. This brief fan fiction revolves around the first chapter of the book, where Kyle and Violet meet at the club drunken cherry. WARNING: Mature content, intended for those with a mature m...

    Completed   Mature
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    Sometimes we are happy as we found our old lover Or Sometimes we are sad as we have to part ways from our lover. Or Sometimes we give into our desires and listens to our body. A COLLECTION OF SHORT STORIES containing different types of human emotions. 《includes mature Content.》

  • Temptations ~A Book Of One-Shots~
    20.6K 479 7

    #129 in Short Story They are just a collection of (MOSTLY HOT) one shots written by me. (Contains Mature Content)

  • Naughty Stories
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    Smut naughty stories, dedicated to my favorite books (fanfics) or inspired by them.