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  • From The Front Porch [Joshler] | COMPLETE
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    "Where'd you get the bruises, Josh?" "I never wanted to get you involved in this." "Why not?" "Despite everything, I don't hurt the ones I love." [EXTENDED SUMMARY INSIDE] ••• ©Abby Kate, Wattpad, 2017-2018. All rights reserved. Cover art by me. Tyler Joseph + Josh Dun FANFICTION |-/

  • fallen♡♡joshler (SMUT)
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    Tyler's a fuckboy and Josh is in love fuckboy!Tyler lots of smut;)

  • doe-eyed | joshler
    82.1K 3.3K 24

    fem!tyler athlete!josh

  • fuckboy - joshler
    17.2K 767 18

    tyler joseph is a fuckboy. josh dun is a fuckboy. they're both the top of the school foodchain and conveniently hate each others guts. what happens when a bet goes too far and someone gets attached? will a relationship form or a hate burn brighter than ever before? - NSFW rated mature for - slight violence, hate spee...

  • crush ⚣ joshler [✔︎]
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    top!josh bottom!tyler slow updates josh is the popular guy in the school, girls kneel for him. he's also the insecure little guy tyler's crush. but crushes only crush you, don't they?

  • The Married Man | joshler
    1.3M 65.4K 67

    josh is tyler's assistant. tyler is married, but he doesn't see that stopping him from getting what he wants. highest rank ✩#2 on joshler tag✩ ©agonyteen

  • instagram » joshler «
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    tyler is popular aesthetic account. josh is a popular photography account

  • I love you, Tyler Joseph
    66.3K 3.5K 19

    Summary: Josh and Tyler haven't talked in five years. Tyler was pretty sure Josh had forgotten about Tyler, but his theory was proven wrong when Josh shows up under Tyler's window one night. tw//suicide - ty's pov cred to galaxy dun on ao3:

  • Lane boy: joshler
    175K 7.4K 23

    Josh moves into a religious home for troubled boys and meets a boy just as troubled as him top!josh

  • Snapchat » Joshler « [ book #1]
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    Joshuadun has added you. -

  • FARTHER (Josh Dun x Reader) (THREEQUEL) ✧ idkbrooklyn
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  • DISTANCE (Josh Dun x Reader) (SEQUEL) ✧ idkbrooklyn
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  • i'm no good without you |joshler|
    3.1K 256 15

    "josh i need you. i need you joshua." ©️ @tiredjoseph 2017

  • såd » joshler
    3.8K 518 68

    "tyler, what's one thing you're afraid of?" "losing someone i love, because i know i become attached too easily" //trigger warning!¡!//

    Completed   Mature
  • Youth || Joshler
    6.8K 468 26

    In which Tyler Joseph is a seventeen year old basketball player who has an innocent, hopeless crush on his math teacher, Mr. Dun. [Short story] [Trigger Warning: Underage, cussing, mature themes and in some cases NSFW content.] [Status: Incomplete, updates roughly every Wednesday]

  • Numbers and scars | | Joshler ]√[
    1.8K 141 14

    He's sick. His mind's shattered, his eye's tired, his stomach an empty well...he's slowly killing himself...But he can't help but give into him and his words... Trigger warning: Mentions of self harm, suicidal behavior, and eating disorders. Please Know your limits and stay safe.

    Completed   Mature
  • ° notes ° [joshler]
    94K 5.9K 25

    "Hi." "I'm Josh." "Nice to meet you too." ©warpedaussie

    Completed   Mature
  • CLOSE (Josh Dun x Reader) ✧ idkbrooklyn (#Wattys2017)
    353K 12.4K 38

    ❝THE FEELINGS MUTUAL, SUNSHINE.❞ ☼ Highest Ranking: #238 in Fanfiction ☼

  • 1-800-you-wish ≫ joshler
    119K 5.8K 74

    Fuckboy!tyler loner!josh Life is hell until someone comes along and makes it heaven baby.

  • I'm Fine. |Tysh|
    23.8K 1.1K 25

    Tyler Joseph. Definition of a fuckboy. Josh Dun. Definition of a shy, feminine, abused boy. They always said opposites attract, right? Perhaps. But Tyler's isn't the type that's suppose to be falling for someone like josh. The only thing that Tyler hates about Josh is that he doesn't try to make Tyler fall. Fuckbo...

  • Sent 11:59 pm | Joshler
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    the one where tyler messages josh a lot

  • Fuck boy- joshler 》》
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    Completed   Mature
  • chuck e. cheese ; joshler [✔️]
    117K 9.1K 35

    josh works at chuck e cheese and he can't help but be fascinated by the boy having his 16th birthday there. innocent!tyler top!josh trigger warnings: 5 year age gap

    Completed   Mature
  • A Million Miles Away -Joshler
    185K 9.4K 35

    SpookyJim has entered chat J: Yo my hoe Ty: I am not a garden material I stg J: But I can still use you ;))) Ty: I STg

  • Shy 2 (Sequel to Shy) //JOSHLER
    5.8K 503 18

    Tyler and Josh struggle to be good dads as their children go through different phases.

  • It Never Ends 𖤐 Tyler Joseph x Reader
    477 39 9

    Murderer!Tyler AU TRIGGER WARNING: Murder, Rape, Blood, Knifes & Guns, Abuse, Kidnapping, Strong Language, Disturbing Content.

  • Suicidal tendencies (Joshler) (not edited)
    12.7K 516 7

    Josh has attempted suicide multiple times. It never works. He has made a list: Tie a noose - not when your mother is visiting. Swallow pills - 1. maybe something more powerful than paracetamol. 2. Ibuprofen and paracetamol = hospital Main vein in wrist - deeper. Bridge - water apparently saves lives. Building...

    Completed   Mature
  • Calories (joshler)
    17.1K 784 7

    Tyler loves Josh and wants him to recover, Josh doesn't think he can recover, not until he's reached the right weight. // "You need to eat more than that to survive. Please, I care about you." "Don't worry Tyler. It's all under control." // Au // Warnings - eating disorders, mentions self-harm, suicide etc. Eating d...

    Completed   Mature
  • Could you ever stop and wonder? (Joshler)
    51.6K 2.3K 48

    Tyler has depression, but he is going through recovery spectacularly, it's not a straight line but he's pretty much happy. He loves drifting off into his imagination but despises plummeting into negative thoughts. He can't complain. He is so close to recovery. But, sometimes he has to stop and wonder, because, what if...

    Completed   Mature
  • online (joshler)
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    typical texting au/josh & tyler play a game and maybe fall in love. [[REWRITTEN]]