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  • Suicidal tendencies (Joshler) (not edited)
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    Josh has attempted suicide multiple times. It never works. He has made a list: Tie a noose - not when your mother is visiting. Swallow pills - 1. maybe something more powerful than paracetamol. 2. Ibuprofen and paracetamol = hospital Main vein in wrist - deeper. Bridge - water apparently saves lives. Building...

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  • Calories (joshler)
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    Tyler loves Josh and wants him to recover, Josh doesn't think he can recover, not until he's reached the right weight. // "You need to eat more than that to survive. Please, I care about you." "Don't worry Tyler. It's all under control." // Au // Warnings - eating disorders, mentions self-harm, suicide etc. Eating d...

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  • Could you ever stop and wonder? (Joshler)
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    Tyler has depression, but he is going through recovery spectacularly, it's not a straight line but he's pretty much happy. He loves drifting off into his imagination but despises plummeting into negative thoughts. He can't complain. He is so close to recovery. But, sometimes he has to stop and wonder, because, what if...

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  • online (joshler)
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    typical texting au/josh & tyler play a game and maybe fall in love. [[REWRITTEN]]

  • Shy//JOSHLER
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    SHY // JOSHLER Age 6 "Hi, my names Joshua." The timid boy greeted the boy sitting next to him. "I'm Ty" the boy paused for a few seconds "ler" "Do you want to be friends?" Josh asked Tyler and Tyler nodded enthusiastically. Josh was proud of himself, he had never made a friend before. He smiled at Tyler and Tyler g...

  • pity party//joshler ⚣
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    "who's that boy?" "that's tyler joseph. don't go near him. you might catch the gay." // fem!tyler popular!josh // trigger warnings: bullying, homophobic and transphobic slurs, and mentions of suicidal thoughts or actions.

  • filthy lust
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    "i saw you watchin' that day, an' i didn't mind at all, big boy. m'quite flattered." ©︎plumptyler