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  • You're The One I Want
    13.3K 617 13

    Takes place after the season 3 finale. My first captain swan fanfiction.

  • You are my happy ending
    13.2K 653 27

    This is a fanfic that starts right after the season 5 finale. Hope you enjoy! Please follow me and comment!

  • Love At First Sight(Captain Swan)
    80.8K 4K 60

    The curse never happened, magically Henry does exist ( it will be explained in the story)I hope you will enjoy this book!

  • Forever & Always
    746 33 2

    Everything is nothing less than perfect for Killian and Emma. But as life would have it, not all things are meant to be perfect... Story inspired by the song "Forever and Always" by Parachute. Listen to it AFTER you've read the story... Otherwise it might spoil the ending for you.

  • I'll Always Protect You Swan❤️
    1.2K 81 9

    This is a story about how Killian will always risk his life for his Swan! Killian has never been known as hook because rumple never took his hand from him because Killian never fell in love with Milah, Emma will be Killian's first love and Emma has never met Neal! But Henry comes in late on so don't panic!! I do not...

  • Leave it to Fate
    3.6K 278 24

    Emma Swan wasn't always a feared pirate, she was a noble sailor and was one with the sea until one tragic night something happened that changed her forever. Killian Jones is the Prince of Garrington, loved by the people, next in line for the thrown after his father died. Even though his life may seem prefect, is bein...

  • OUAT Funny Pictures And Jokes
    32.6K 2.1K 118

    I decided to make this one since I have an ATLA joke book. I hope you guys enjoy this!

  • Falling Stars (CaptainSwan)
    14.5K 947 27

    My name is Emma Swan. I'm the daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming. I'm Henry's mother. I'm the Savior. Or I was. Now all I am is a girl locked up in a tower, practically insane. My mother and father are evil, the villains I knew are good. Everything is turned around. The only person who didn't come back with us...

  • Nightmares
    1.5K 117 7

    Emma cannot help the nightmares. Ever since she had been brought into this life of fairy tale characters and constant danger she has feared for those she loves. Killian seems to always be there to pick up the pieces when she falls apart.

  • This Can't Be The End: OUAT Captain Swan
    317 12 2

    (From my FF account...I wrote this forever ago but hey it's good so) Post Neverland AU: After the gang returns home, Emma and Neal get back together and Killian spirals out of control as a result. He drinks to numb the pain until that no longer works. One day it becomes too much. Kind of dark...Lots of angst with capt...

  • Hook's Daughter
    199K 7.3K 147

    What would Captain Hook from Once Upon A Time's daughter be like? What would her life be like on the Jolly Roger. In Storybrooke? In Neverland? >>>> Disclaimer: Once Upon A Time writers and ABC own the characters. Credits to Edward Kitsis, Adam Horowitz, and Odette Beane.

  • OUAT Online
    2.1K 186 13

    So what would happen if the characters from Once Upon a Time went online. Captain Swan on Twitter? Maybe Rumbelle get IPhones... Wow. This is gonna be good.

  • We'll Always Have Hope
    681 50 3

    This story takes place after the Snow Queen but as if the Queens of Darkness never came. Everything is perfect, that is, until a new threat arises.

  • Frozen |CS FanFic|
    51.6K 1.7K 29

    Captain Swan (Captain Hook + Emma Swan) Fanfic ^~^ All of the characters in this story does not belong to me but to ABC's TV Show, Once Upon a Time :)

  • Maleficent | CS Fanfic | Sequel to Frozen
    8.9K 304 13

    This story is the sequel to "Frozen |CS FanFic|" So please read that before starting this. And by the way, the story title is not based on the villain from Sleeping Beauty. The story title basically means "Evil" or "Darkness" or something like that. But it doesn't mean that Maleficent wont be joining this story's plot...

  • Ouat texts.
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    429K 27.1K 131

    What would Ouat characters text each other? this what I think.

  • Things Only Oncers Understand
    122K 9.2K 52

    If you're a Oncer, I'm sure you know what I mean. There are somethings that normal people just don't understand. This is a book of all those things. Comment suggestion! Please note: This book will included plenty of quote and plot spoilers, it is not recommend that you read the is if you are not up to date. If you ar...

  • ouat texts
    10.1K 448 22

    Title is pretty much explainable

  • Ouat texts
    628 25 6

    Ouat texts WUHUUW

    7.7K 421 7

    You have seen you're favourite fairytale characters in the real world, but you haven't yet seen them in the online word..

  • OUAT Texts!
    36.9K 2.2K 27

    Highest Rank { #759 Humor } Once Upon A Time chats! Some are my own and some are not I will put the credit down below of all texts! ~ MAKE SURE TO COMMENT AND VOTE! ~

  • Ouat texts
    84.5K 5.7K 71

    Texts between the Once cast! Cover by:abbyscomp

  • Ouat Texts
    376 0 5

    If everyone in storybrooke had a phone and a group chat! Idea by: forevera_fangirl

  • OUAT texts
    1.3K 110 10

    I always wondered what Storybrooke residents would text, so i made my own. (Some dead characters will be included)

  • Operation Baby Swan
    25.8K 1K 13

    After a hurricane destroys Emma Swan and her son Henry's house in New York, the both of them go on vacation to Maine. Then the small family moves to Minnesota, only to discover that Emma is 3 months pregnant. With out any memory of the father. This is when Emma is 9 and a half months pregnant. This piece of fan ficti...

  • Love: A CaptainSwan Story
    40.9K 1.1K 23

    What should have happened during the Season 5 finale of Once Upon a Time and after.

  • Ouat group chats
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    Ouat texts

  • I Finally Found You (1)
    10.5K 687 33

    This book is my first captain swan fan fic on Wattpad so if it's bad, don't judge The story takes place after the season 3 finale of ouat. Hope you like it! Although the first few chapters aren't that great, it gets better, trust me. Most of the sets and characters belong to ABC's Once Upon A Time. Some scenes from s...

  • Threats From A Past Life (2)
    3K 230 29

    (Sequel to "I Finally Found You") Storybrooke has remained unharmed for almost two weeks now. Emma and Killian have been spending more and more time together now that Storybrooke is finally at peace. Although it will not remain that way for long. Little does everyone know, there's going to be a new arrival in Storyb...