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  • Harry Potters Twin Book One
    366K 9.9K 24

    Join Nixie Potter, Hermione Granger, and Bonnie Heart as they go through their first year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardy with Harry Potter and Ronald Weasley. She faces trolls, arrogant jerks, bludgers, cruel teachers and Voldemort himself, yet she still manages to keep a brave face. Seriously, who would...

  • Ouat Memes
    151K 8.8K 201

    A few Ouat memes If you like this one check out part 2&3

  • The Secret that comes to Light
    5.3K 651 57

    So Me and @ferni2002 are working on this story together. The characters we add are ours like Jazz Swan Hope and Fernanda if we include on here. Also this is a Captainswan au. All rights go to ABC and The creators of Once Upon A Time.

  • True Love: God Approved
    27.1K 1.6K 44

    What happens when I write a One shot and everyone dies?- this. This story will begin with that adorable reunion in 5x21 and we'll see what I make happen... Enjoy!

  • Shots Fired | CS (#Watty2017)
    43.1K 3.6K 39

    | Modern AU x Enchanted Forest | What happens when a Thief unexpectedly gets caught up in the middle of an assassination? Shots are Fired, But who takes the hit. What if they've met before, in a far off Realm... But neither remember; Will they learn to work side by side and reclaim their lost memories? Cover Credi...

  • The Darkness (Once Upon a Time)
    176 4 4

    This is another story where the roles are switched. In this story, Emma was never the dark one. Killian took the Darkness to save his true love. At first he was able to fight the Darkness, but in the end, he could not. I do not own the rights to any of these characters.

  • Once Upon A Time Group Chat
    15.8K 932 26

    You thought the OUAT characters were crazy in the show? Wait till you put them in a group chat. It's a recipe for disaster. (And witty insults from Zelena)

  • After Neverland
    1.2K 51 14

    It's been two months since the gang came back from Neverland and saved Henry and Emma has made her choice of who to choose... Hook or Neal FYI- I am pro-captain swan and anti Swanfire .... Oh and Tacos will be involved smut

  • Captain Swan: One of A Kind
    15.9K 678 16

    Set in Neverland when Neal doesn't like a certain pirate. But will Emma keep running or finally listen to her guarded heart? Partly cannon

    Completed   Mature
  • Mixed Feelings
    1.4K 136 22

    Captain swan: Takes place after season 3 episode 5 Good Form. This is about how Emma and Hook/Killian fall in love. Emma loves Killian but is too afraid to admit it, does Hook know how she feels? Will Emma let her walls down? Please Read!!!!

  • Mixed feelings
    5.2K 279 36

    Captain swan:Takes place after season 3 episode 5 Good Form. This is about how Emma and Hook/Killian fall in love, Emma loves Killian but is too afraid to admit it ,does hook know how she feels? Will Emma let her walls down?please read!!!❤

  • The Dark one
    2.2K 34 17

    What if when Hook died time went back and things changed. Well that's where this story begins. Because in this story Emma wasn't the dark one... Henry is

  • Tangled in Life (1)
    10.5K 564 51

    Emma as Rapunzel reinterpretation along with a Peter Pan and Frozen storyline.

  • Captain Swan Shots
    33K 1K 21

    The title speaks for itself, however, I would like to add in a few notes. These one-shots do not have a point of view(POV) attached to them. You might be confused on who's POV it is, but if you read along you'll see.

  • I'm The Evil Queens Daughter
    31.4K 1K 30

    Regina had Daniels daughter but Cora told her she died when she was born. Forty is years later and the curse has broken, but Natalie is stuck in the body of a eighteen year old and wants nothing to do with her birth mother. Will she let Regina in or will she only see herself as (The Evil Queens Daughter)?

  • Dark Swan Rising
    4.2K 258 16

    After the season five mid-season finale, Killian is dead, and Emma is once again heart broken. What if Emma was still a Dark One? However, the gang knows it. Except Emma herself. Let's go on a journey, shall we? Once upon a time...

  • Once Upon A Time- Little Swan, a Captain Swan Story
    6.5K 291 28

    The search for a way to defeat the Darkness in Emma Swan takes dramatic turn when David finds the one thing that could save her. I don't own Once Upon a Time, I just enjoy writing about it's characters! This story was written a few episodes into Season 5 of OUAT

  • OUAT, life, etc.
    9K 207 120

    this book has images, OUAT preferences, actors and accesses news, songs, great YouTube video links, movie shout outs, and absolutely good books to read, oh and etc.

  • The Queen Returns
    12.3K 576 22

    This is the sequel from my first story called 'What Could Have Happened'. Regina decided to save Emma by taking the darkness into herself. That one sacrifice didn't come easy, the price was one that none expected. Or maybe, she did.

  • Apocalypse
    1K 89 6

    After a magic showdown goes wrong, the citizens of Storybrooke get transported to another realm. This realm used to be inhabited by many people, until the great disaster that killed most of the people and drive the survivors insane as they tried to survive. I dont own the characters of Once Upon a Time, Adam and Eddy...

  • Masked Assassins (Hiatus)
    1K 49 10

    An OUAT AU After the death of her father, Regina and her other siblings have to work with none other than the company that got their parents killed. Zelena and Regina may be in their late 20's, but that doesn't mean they don't have the skills to finish what their parents started! Mary Margret and David have been part...

  • OUAT Texts (On Hold)
    4.7K 379 17

    Everyone's text messages from Storybrooke. From Maleficent and Zelena, To Snow and Regina, To Emma and Hook. (Ok so basically all the characters i like are still here) Warning to some shippers, some ships may cross paths.

  • ouat
    2.8K 189 32

    there is some awesome and funny quotes from ouat. so enjoy...

  • A quest for survival (once upon a time)
    404 30 18

    There's a new dark one in town, not Emma Swan it's Killian 'hook' Jones he's drained Emma of the darkness and has taken it for himself and he's set out on a mission to get his revenge for what she's done, with Emma severely injured her and the others flee to the enchanted forest for safety but it doesn't last long Hoo...

  • What Brought Them Together
    22K 1.6K 25

    Killian Jones is a ruthless prince. Once his father dies, he must marry Princess Emma Swan in order to merge their kingdoms and become king. It was love at first sight on both sides. He has a reputation that he has to uphold. But, once he finds out about her dark past, vengeance is the only thing on his mind. Whoever...

  • Hello From the Outside
    3.4K 298 11

    Emma dies in a terrible accident. Will true love prevail or will Emma be gone forever.

  • A Piece Of My Life (Captain Swan)
    132K 5.1K 38

    "Smack". Hook looked at her, stunned, before again assuming his cocky smile. "What, love? Can't handle the truth?" "You bastard," she spat, "I thought you'd changed, that you were better, but you're still just a filthy *pirate*."

  • Remember Me
    2.2K 172 19

    There is yet another curse set on the residents of Storybrooke and this time they are sent back to the Enchanted Forest without ANY memories. But before the curse can be hit one can escape and that one is none other than Killian Jones AKA Hook. On his quest to save EVERYONE Hook doesn't do it alone he has help from a...

  • The Dark One: Emma Swan
    831 55 3

    What happens when the product of true love sacrifices herself to the purest of evil? What is Storybrooke coping without a Saviour to protect it? What exactly took place once Emma Swan sacrificed herself to save Regina and her happiness? What happened to Killian, her parents and Henry? It'll be a battle of searching re...

  • A Pirates Daughter- Captain hook/ OUAT Fanfiction
    13.2K 376 43

    Serenity is the daughter of Captain Hook. She has a sister named Sarah, her twin. Her mother was killed, and she spent over thirty years in Neverland with Peter Pan, being tortured. Her life has never been easy, but after she escapes, she learns to adjust. With the challenges and hurdles being thrown at her at every t...