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  • A Burning Flame (Shidge/Klance AU)
    9.1K 315 18

    She fell in love with a prince, but magic ran deep in her veins, calling out to her. Witches were hunted, chained, and burned at the stake. She was told many times to shame who she was, and that's what she did. Never did she embrace her witch side unless it was for the sake of others. She and her friend, though, were...

  • A Ghost Of A Chance
    3.3K 178 9

    The sequel to "The Difference Between You and Me" that nobody asked for. It's been a year since Katie Holt's funeral. The galra have been defeated and confined to a habitable planet without any ships. The entire universe mourns for the girl who took the final bullet for them. All except five. Matt, Shiro, Keith, Lance...

  • Taken Away (Book one in the Taken Away Triolgy)
    17.8K 526 16

    Darkness. That's all she feels; or rather, she doesn't feel at all. ~~ After being taken by the Galra, Pidge is just starting on the long road to recovery. However, some wounds run deeper than the eye can see. With a plan and her team to support her, she feels better about the future. The Galra want to show her otherw...

  • Swan Princess (Pance AU)
    1.8K 78 3

    princess Katie has know Lance all her life and now is coming to terms with her feeling for him. but with a twist of fate and a a few feathers she might not tell him how she feels about him

  • Green | A Shidge Fanfic
    44.6K 1.3K 19

    [ #31 in Shidge ] Pidge looked at the world around her, High trees, green grass, blue ponds and birds flying around the boy ahead of her in the field. As she walked closer to him, she recognized him as her older brother, Matt. In a quick motion, she embraced him in a hug. But she realized she was touching nothing. Whe...

  • Keeping Quiet {Pidge Gunderson Fan Fiction}
    37.9K 980 16

    The dark room surrounded Pidge. It didn't take her long to realise what had happened, the galra had her. -- Pidge is my favourite character and this idea kept coming to mind. It's kinda uncreative but I like the plot. Warning: Torture, insanity, swearing, angst I don't own Voltron nor the art