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  • A Runaway Prisoner (Hisoka X Reader)
    158K 5.6K 36

    (Y/n) was a prisoner in Trick Tower. She was considered an examiner and there she met a magician named Hisoka. What kind of exam will she give him? How was she able to escape the trick tower?

  • The Tails. Hisoka Love Story
    68.1K 2.1K 22

    Rem is a Kitsune Yokai. (fox Demon). Her kind has been hunted down to extinction for centuries by Bandits, Hunters of all kinds and other Yokai. she lives a life in the shadows, but will that change when she meets a fuschia haired magician named Hisoka?

    Completed   Mature
  • This is it (Hunter x Hunter fanfic) [Finished]
    100K 3.1K 33

    When a beautiful young woman seeks out the help of a psychotic jester, will their relationship turn out to be much more than she bargained for? Or will this all go down as another failure in the books. (HisokaxOc) *Beautiful cover done by @TheInfinityOfMaybe <3* •°•°2nd Place in the HxH Winter Watty's!!°•°•

    Completed   Mature
  • Hisoka x Gon *short story"
    23.5K 326 5

    At first Hisoka wanted to beat Gon over and over so he would shatter but now his interest has turned to a new direction. Story takes place on Whale Island.( BTW Gon is 18 at this point )

  • The Spider's Calligraphy |Hisoka x Reader|
    3.5K 107 1

    The signature of the lethal spider can enact more horror than its fangs.

  • "My Little Fruit"
    48.5K 679 11

    This story is for a person who loves hisoka this is lemon but nothing extreamly bad it's my first story so leave comments this story is for a person who wants to expirence love

  • Hisoka's interest
    80.8K 1.8K 21

    This will be a Hisoka x OC story, sorry it was gonna be x Reader but I get jealous :3. Will not be your tradition Hisoka story. My oc Veladandra, the highly skilled weapon and nen user. Meets Hisoka, another skilled fighter, on her way to the Hunter Exam. Hisoka seems to find interest in her and sticks around for the...

    Completed   Mature
  • His Prized Possession
    319K 10.5K 36

    Born as the second child in a family of the world's most feared assassins, Ellika Zoldyck, loves to create chaos and mischief in her trail. Illumi's little sister and Killua's beloved onee-chan. What happens when she has to find herself a marriage match before her parents have to make one for her? What happens when sh...

    Completed   Mature
  • This Is It (Revised)
    789 29 1

    Disclaimer: I do not own Hunter x Hunter, or any of its characters. The series was created by Yoshihiro Togashi. I only own the idea of this story and the original characters found within. This story was created for non-profit entertainment uses, and is rated M for mature language and scenes used throughout the plot...

  • ☆Hisoka Aint Scary :3 (Completed)
    111K 2.3K 11

    ☆1st Book Of HxH Series☆ Y/N is an outcome of science experiments. She has two sides to her character. She is a pretty weird character. Ok..Just read the first page. It has info bout her I OWN NOTHINGG.....but the character. Also, Just found out that cover pick was Miku. Hatsune Miku~Vocaloid Character Sequel's OUT *...

  • A Hunter Suitable For A Hunter (Husband!Hisoka x Wife!Reader)
    82.8K 2.2K 9

    You are (F/N) Morow, dearest wife to Hisoka, a Famous Hunter and ex member of Phantom Troupe. You are going to join the 293th Hunter Exam (there isn't an episode or chapter about this. This is entirely made up by me) and Hisoka as one of the Examiners !May Contain Lemon with other Male Characters! !May or May not incl...

  • Tongue Tied {Hisoka x reader}
    79.4K 2.2K 14

    All she really wanted to do was to get stronger so she took the hunter exam. This was NOT supposed to happen. Why did that creepy jester have to keep bothering her anyway? Couldn't he just get over himself and move on? Well, it was partly her fault but really, he should just learn how personal space works. Hisoka x re...

  • Diabolic Hearts 《 Reader X Hisoka
    550K 16.1K 50

    The both of you have been working together for three years. You admire your partner,Hisoka. A tragedy that he's blinded by your power Although,you're not the only one desiring for someone's attention. Chrollo has become fond of you for quite some time. What happens when Hisoka becomes envious about Chrollo's love for...

  • Heaven's Empress ||COMPLETE||
    312K 12.6K 40

    |1ST PLACE IN HISOKA FOR HUNTERXHUNTER WATTYS| Once upon a time, there was a beautiful princess who lived in a magical kingdom. The princess was as fair as she was kind. When she was born, a horrible witch put a curse on her. To save her life, the princess was forced to live in a tower that no man was able to se...

  • Hisoka
    26.8K 679 15

    A fanfiction for everyone who loves hisoka as much as I do!!

  • Black Butterfly {Hisoka x OC ~ Hunter x Hunter Fanfiction}
    83K 3.1K 20

    No one else wanted the job, so she took it. Nothing else was amusing to him, so he tested her. Neither expected what came next. Hisoka x OC. AUTHOR'S NOTE: This story is also published on under another title, but I will be submitting newly revised chapters that will follow a slightly different plotlin...

  • The Wolf and Her Clown (Hisoka Fanfic)
    130K 4.1K 37

    This a Hunter X Hunter fanfic. I do not own Hunter X Hunter or anything else with it I only own my character that I placed into the world of Hunter X Hunter. Now quick summary of the book. Momoko is a wolf demon who lost her pack to the phantoms troupe and started off with revenge on her mind but realized that it woul...

  • 50 shades of Hisoka (Hisoka X OC fanfic)
    141K 4K 45

    UNDER EDITING LMAO PLEASE BEAR WITH ME REEEEEE "You are mine. And you shall always be at my side. Even if I have to break or kill you for it." 24-year old Kurumi and her 8-year old sister Yori has suddenly been transported to the world of HunterxHunter after coming to an anime carnival. However, thin...

  • Chasing Hisoka > HXH
    78.5K 2.9K 40

    Akira's life is chaotic to say the least. Her only family member alive is her mysterious but overprotective brother Ren, whom is always running off on an "errand". Akira has never questioned these, but that changes when she goes to the hunter exam. Includes HISOKA

  • My Sweet (Hisoka x Reader)
    149K 2.5K 7

    The story of a strange and handsome clown like man and how he met his beloved, his betrothed, his love, his sweet.

  • Hisoka's partner (hunter x hunter fan-fic)
    49.3K 1.7K 21

    "Take care, Alice make sure you beat anyone that tries to hurt you!" "OKAY!" "Sayonara Alice, Win for the family....." *** But what happens when Alice goes to the Hunter exam and sees Hisoka, will she fall in love? And will she end up with Hisoka or illumi..... Read to find out! ;) DISCLAIMER: I WROTE THIS WHEN I WAS...

  • His Special Child
    79.2K 2.6K 18

    Gold colored eyes scanned the audience of mainly children with their parents. The owner of the gold eyes longed to find a child who would forever stay with amazement in them, Thus far none of the children he has ever seen have come close to what he's looking for. Though they say that at the moment you're about to give...

  • My Little Piece Of Heaven : Hisoka X Reader
    297K 8.6K 19

    (Y/n) is a member of the phantom troupe, she is known as Chrollo's pet, a title she truely hates. She finds no interest in the troupe members and only tollerates a couple of them, her petite frame makes all of her enemys underestimate her. Hisoka finds her interesting after seeing the destruction she caused around the...

  • Hisoka X Reader
    16.1K 267 3

    If you're looking for a naughty & submissive yet detailed & realistic hunter x hunter story about *hisoka* told in first person, this is your story! ;o

  • The Broken Girl and The Crazy Clown
    7.9K 289 11

    Yuki is a girl with an awful past, one she'd like to forget . When she was running from, said past she makes it to Whale island and meets Gon. How can she fall in love with a man who shows No mercy? Will he ever get her to take off her mask? Reveal her past? Who knows

  • Hisoka x Reader - Fluffs
    56.1K 875 7

    Cute little stories of the reader and Hisoka. The cover photo is my own art from 2016.

  • (Hisoka x Oc) Reckless Love!
    6.7K 192 9

    What happens when a guardian comes back to the hunters world to watch over Gon but has to keep herself from being noticed by other because her existence is suppose to me Myth. The story goes along side mainly Yuki and her to twin brothers along that trying to stay hidden from Gon and many others, but what happens when...

  • Hisoka's Partner (RE-WRITTEN Hunter x Hunter Fanfic) Hisoka X Reader X Illumi
    123K 3.5K 23

    Alice, a young girl living on Whale Island with her best friend named Gon. One day they pack their bags and head on their journey to become professional hunters. But what happens when a certain obstacle crosses Alices path, an obstacle name Hisoka. And what happens when she starts to fall for his arrogant, stuck-up, p...