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  • Light In Darkness •NaruHina•
    182K 6.6K 23

    Help me from this hell called life. Save me from the nightmares that chase me. "Hinata... Stay here." Be the light... That saves me from this darkness. creds to @baekfordaes for teh cover ????

  • Naruto His Fox.
    296K 6.6K 21

    Naruto is hurt. Devastatingly hurt from a mob of villagers on his fifth birthday. Kurama or the kyuubi how everyone puts her, is saddened at the containers predicament. She makes him go to his mindskape and explains everything. Kurama x naruto Narukura Kuranaru Fem kurama Strong , young naruto.

  • Eye will
    461 41 2

    BOOK 2 Nanette might have finally had a taste of some hidden inner ability. Having won against a Sky student, she became the first ever Earth's Chief. This kind of attention will bring marvelous opportunities, but also great chaos. Will Nanette be able to cope with this new power and control she's been given? What if...

  • Eye might (✔)
    13.4K 394 6

    "I'm hated. We're hated. ...all because we have brown eyes." This story takes place in a world where superiority and power is based on the color of one's eyes: Blue as superior, Green in between, with Brown eyes the lowest status of all. ***************************************** Please give this book a chance. Don't u...

  • "Keyblade The School": Kingdom Hearts
    9K 402 26

    Sora seguira su camino para ser el mejor maestro de la llave espada para ello entrara a "Keyblade" school donde conocera grandes amigos mientras sigue su sueño

  • Kingdom Hearts: El Regreso De Sora
    14.8K 624 16

    Sora se muda a Vergel Radiante por un año y al volver se da cuenta que sus amigos cambiaron ¿podran volver a ser amigos de nuevo?

  • El Regreso De Sora 2da Parte: Kingdom Hearts
    8.1K 405 20

    Sora a regresado pero ¿por que nada es como antes?