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  • Select your story | VMin
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    Park Jimin has a dream job as a video game tester and gets hired to play the latest VR dating simulator 1st place winner Kpopficsaward,Category BTS Ships Cover by @AnnonymousDaydreamer

  • STRINGS | Vmin
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    "At a certain point of your life, you will see the red string of fate..." Park Jimin was ready to find out who was going to be his soulmate. Only to figure out that it was connected to the person he hates the most, Kim Taehyung! For Jimin, this was a curse but for Taehyung, this was a blessing.

  • doppelgänger [completed]
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    "You're not a hallucination. I don't care what my therapist says. I don't care what Taehyung says. I know you are real. I know what I saw. I know you're there," In which Park Jimin has an evil mirror twin. [ completed ] [ book 1/2 ]

    Completed   Mature
  • Muse | Vmin
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    #1 in #Muse & #1 in #somesmut Highest Ranking "You'll do anything i ask you to, right? Take off your mask.." "It doesn't work like that, i'm afraid. You're not allowed to see my face"

  • Sinful Tastes (Vmin/JiKook)
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    They say the end is always just that...But is it really? When your life is full of complete it always just death for you? My name is Park Jimin. I am...was, a priest in training at my church. I swore to protect my people from those monsters within our world. But yet...I've been treated like one of them. ...

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  • brother complex | vmin
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    from hating and not liking to being obsessed with his little brother ps; smol kid kook (slow updates; monthly on average)

  • Vmin/Jikook || The Alpha's Luna
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    He is one of the most beautiful and intelligent omega of their generation. But also uncommonly feisty and very independent half of their generation pissed off at. ©2016

  • [BTS] Let VMin Talk
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    Ayo~ Ladies and gentlemen ~ Dedicated for VMin shipperz ヽ(*⌒∇⌒*)ノ Ft. Bts Members and etc. { Memes, moments, randoms, imagines and others. } [Any ideas?] = Please comment or message! ヽ(°◇° )ノ

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    The title is based off the song by Astrid S. The struggle of trying to stop yourself from doing something you know is clearly wrong just hurts so good. Main pairings: vmin and taekook (+namjin,yoonseok) Tae and Jimin have been best friends for as long as they can remember. Their friendship, although took a tu...

  • ≪ Calculate Us ≫ pjm + kth
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    "You know what Tae, I still hate calculus I really do. But when it comes to maths I don't mind equations as long as they include me and you."