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  • Fukuoka || chicharito
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    kisses that your lips gave me.

  • The make up artist |Jeon Jungkook X reader|
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    |310716| {RE-EDITING} You are the top in your styling class! Well done! Your teacher managed to give you a job in Big Hit studios, being a make up artist for a new k-pop group, BTS. After talking to the leader, you found out you were the same age as the maknae, Jungkook You continue to work with Bighit, alongside wit...

  • Who will you choose? (BTS x Reader)
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    You are part of the band Blossom Girls, a new kpop girl group and you now have the chance to perform with one your favorite bands, Bangtan Boys. What will happen when your bus is stolen and you need to stay with them?

  • The Secret (BTS x Reader)
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    You were casted into BigHit entertainment to become a male idol. But you aren't a male... So you hide your gender from BTS while you train with them. What would happen if they found out you were female? Would they ever find out, or will you hide your secret forever? Will you fall for one of the members, even if you'r...

  • My famous childhood friend (Jungkook x Reader)
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    Jungkook and (Y/N) were childhood friends but their ways parted after primary school. When Jungkook got famous, (Y/N) thought he wouldn't remember her anymore. She finds out about BTS and listens to their music sadly remembering the old times. But little does she know that she was Jungkook's first love and still is...

  • bts scenarios
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    highest ranking; #11 fanfiction random things about bangtan boys. scenarios, imagines, and reactions. just for fun, please don't take anything seriously. if you don't read these kind of stuffs, please don't leave harsh comments. okay? okay. i do not own some of the scenarios so copyrights goes to their rightful owners...

  • Not An Option [Taehyung x Reader]
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    Letting go isn't an option, no not for Taehyung; love is complicated.

  • Seventeen Imagines
    103K 3K 22

    Title explains all! Please enjoy! (super duper slow updates)

  • beautiful. | jeno lee
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    a book that will hopefully make you smile ! :) [ highest ranking: #938 in short story ]

  • Got7 Texts
    112K 4.6K 22

    Text conversations between you and Got7 Hope you enjoy (∩_∩)

  • ❝ NCT Dream Imagines ❞ ¦ ✧REQUESTS ARE CLOSED✧
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    ❀One shot story/Imagines for our beloved babies ;-; NCT Dream ❣ Requests Are Open ^^ ❣ No Smut request ;-; (NCT DREAM MEMBERS) ➳Mark ➵Jisung ➳Jaemin ➵Renjun ➳Chenle ➵Haechan ➳Jeno ♡♡♡ ↬REQUESTS ARE TEMPORARILY CLOSED CREDITS to the Owner who made the background cover. 💕 (I just added the title mian)

  • SF9 Imagines
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    •A collection of imagines for our much loved FNC boy dance group, SF9. •First SF9 imagines book on wattpad •OT9 •Open for Requests