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  • Why Him Why Know/Niam Fanfic Mpreg
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    Niall was a genuinely happy person. He had a girlfriend and he was well recognized at school. What more could a soul want? One day a new boy enrolled at the school. Let's just say this new boy with delicate brown hazel eyes rocked nialls world. [DISCLAIMER: INVOLVES SMUT AND BOY X BOY ACTION]

  • The Boy Who Stole My Heart A Niall Horan Story
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    Whrtr alli runs into niall the guy who stole her heart at Starbucks ..

  • Survivor [~A Niall Horan Fan Fiction~]
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    "Did you really think you could hide this from me?" my dad yells, waving the cover of the magazine right in my face. His eyes are black and narrowed with anger, yet dull and unfocused, too, no doubt a result of all the alcohol he's consumed tonight. "Did you really think I wouldn't find out?" "I didn't try to keep it...