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  • A Love Renewed
    18.7K 1.2K 24

    *Sequel to A Love Conflicted* Riley and Prince had only been together for a year, but it seemed like a lifetime. Between the fighting, the misunderstandings and the jealousy, it seemed as if it was going downhill much faster than either of them had anticipated. After the death of their unborn child, you'd think histor...

  • Damned if I Do
    10.8K 535 7

    It's 1988 and all that's on Prince's mind is his music. The Lovesexy tour was almost over and that's all he was concerned about. Janette is a somewhat happily engaged 24 year old who just recently got tickets to the last Lovesexy concert. What happens when these two meet and it's nothing at all what they expected it t...

  • Darling Nikki - Rise to fame Book I
    28.5K 2.1K 46

    Giovanni Nicole Brown a 16 year old fashion designer is only after one thing. She'll do anything to get to the top even if that means seducing and using the two biggest pop stars in the world to get there. This is a story on Darling Nikki's rise to fame.

    Completed   Mature
  • I Want You In The Worst Way
    19.5K 1.6K 28

    A young man named Prince is cursed as a partial vampire and tries his best to live a relatively normal life in his birthplace of Minnesota being a pretty successful musician. He's very lonely and all he ever wanted was a mate to love him for who he was. The women he had been with would either be disgusted or frighten...

  • I Wanna Be Your Lover
    15.6K 967 17

    They've been friends for years, yet there is one thing Mya has never noticed. Prince, her best friend, is secretly in love with her and he never plans for her to ever find out.

  • If It's Easy.
    33.3K 2.1K 27

    "If it's easy, it ain't love." _________________________________________ "What the fu-?" My mother yelled at the sight before us. Ronald stood in the middle of the opened double doors, in a hole riddled bloody wife beater. His pants had been torn at the knee and he'd just threw down the bonsai plant that sat in the m...

  • Love In a Maze
    10K 673 16

    Something had to have happened between the events in Purple Rain and Graffiti Bridge. Not only does the Kid seem like a different musician, but a different person. He went from on the verge of success to nothing and I wanted to explore some of those changes in his life. The Kid stumbles on a notebook tossed aside in a...

  • D.M.S.R.
    37.1K 2.6K 48

    I never thought out of all people it'd be us. The definition of true love in it's purest form. After him becoming my best friend he showed me many things. He showed me life and it's wildest opportunities. The dancing, the music, the sex, and especially the romances. Here's how things began... ©Mindless_Storiez2 publi...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Online Experience
    100K 5.8K 54

    It's the mid 1990's and Sydney is a graduate student who spends her evenings exploring online chat rooms. What happens when she makes an online friend and tries to help him through one of the toughest times in his life. Inspired by the song My Computer. Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction.

  • Neglected Desires
    56.4K 3.6K 40

    Alexa and Prince have been friends for years, but now it feels like something has changed.