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  • Sophie Foster, Keeper
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    **DISCONTINUED Sophie Foster is a keeper. (Some guys think so, too.) Between navigating her love life and battling the Neverseen, will she rise on top? This is a continuation of her story from Flashback! I wrote this story a while ago. It isn't really a true reflection of my current writing or interests but I'm lea...

  • In case
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    Ivy was more confused then ever when her mom told her to pack a bag, where was she going ! As the 10 year old quickly packed she threw in her teddies and a few toys and books, as ivy and her parents drove ivy never asked where they where going soon enough the car stopped and ivy's dad pulled her out the car, ivy lande...

  • Dreams With Cracks
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    These are the unspoken thoughts. You are not supposed to say it out loud. Shhhh 🙅 (A Short poetry collection 👑) 😍13/09/2018➡️first poem published 😍30/11/2020➡️#53 in poetry out of 270k poems.

  • The Lost Princess
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    there was once a kingdom ruled by the beloved king and queen they had a daughter. A perfect little girl until something happen they never expected Read and find out what happen to the kingdom and the princess

  • The Decision
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    "Who am I? " I say confusion filling my mind. My whole life has been built upon a lie. I look around me and this planet is green and pink. I am not on earth then where am I? "You are part human, vampire and werewolf and Queen of Universe. Will you accept all the universes as continuing our Myth? " this women I have n...

  • Beyond My Expectations (Completed) ✅
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    Dad threw a paper at my face, I read the letter as tears escaped my eyes, He dragged me again but this time it resulted in him throwing me out of the house and slamming the door on my face... ~~~ Aleina- A straight forward, college going, religious, humorous person. Ayan- A possessive, hard, college going character. S...

  • Behind His Life
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    Mike looks normal from the outside but what can his life hide?

  • Selena Gomez Lyrics
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    Full of Selena's amazing songs as well as some quotes, enjoy!

  • Why me?
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    ~Don't you worry your pretty little mind. People throw rocks at things that shine~ "Please, No! Don't hurt me!" My primal scream of terror came as my eyes met his face He let out a sigh and said in a calm, unaffected manner "Hey. Its okay. No one will hurt you, I promise." He moved closer towards me, holding out his...