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  • The Seven Sisters
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    '"Collectively, we're know as the Elemental Sisters. As the last Elemental Sister with your power traveled to Heaven for the last time, they chose you to inherit their power. You each have one Elemental power that keeps one part of the world running." Green-dress says. "What?" I say. "Listen, this day has been...

  • Harry Potter Headcanons
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    A collection of Harry Potter Headcanons, just in case you'd like to know what Lily Evans saw in the mirror of Erised, what Teddy would look like without being a metamorphagus, and more! {COVER CREDITS TO: @natcat26 2016}

  • Remember
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    Hey, I just randomly thought of publishing important quotes/statements(/..) YOU SHOULD ALWAYS REMEMBER/KNOW that could help you through hard times or just make your day, make you smile or inspire you; also think of people who might need those quotes. Inspired by some random post, but sadly don't know where it was anym...

  • Holy Fire Prayers- 7 Prayers To Ignite Your Faith
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    God has a desire for you to lean into him. God has a desire for you to see him in a powerful new light. I know this world may drain you at times, but he wants you to have a prayer life with him that is on fire. He wants you to know that he has you and he wants your whole heart. God wants to ignite your relationship wi...

  • The Lonely King | Ongoing [New Edition]
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    "Ignore their stares, they do nothing but remind you that you are alive." When Alexandra Knight was offered a rare scholarship to attend the most prestigious boarding school in Europe, she didn't have to think twice before accepting it. It doesn't take long for her schoolmates to notice that she is different from them...

  • The Academy ((EDITING))
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    Of course, this story began with a dark secret. They all knew that when they first set foot in the Academy. Eri, shy, gentle, and passionate about magic. Lila, rebellious and kind. Marcus, determined and wise. As they hone their skills in magic, perhaps they will discover more than what they thought they would... High...