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  • The Teenage Christian
    28.9K 2.1K 41

    We live in a world where Christianity is mistaken for a cult. As the second coming of Christ approaches, many are tested, many have failed on this journey and many are being recruited in God's army. God has started calling and is now choosing. Will the fewer chosen be among the fewest of the faithful? This is the stor...

  • The Big Book of Christian Quotes
    46.2K 3.9K 38

    I want to be so on fire for God. I want to go beyond my comfort zone, stretch my boundaries and just do what God wants me to do.

  • A Typical Teen Christian
    29.9K 1K 10

    Jesselin Cole is a teen Christian, that has a purpose in her life. She goes to highschool and along the way she helps other teens with their problems.

  • In God's Time
    46.2K 2.8K 16

    a Christian-inspired Love story between two teens that has been friends for a very long time (Gail Metalika, daughter of a once famous rockstar, A church band member and Kyle Swatch, the bullied stubborn Genius) What would you do if your best friend is hopeless and is on the verge of completely denying the existence...

  • Jesus' Shared Wisdom
    12.3K 973 27

    Edit: 6k reads?!?! Thank you my fellow readers! I wanted to share with everyone some lessons I've learned from Jesus. These teachings have changed my way of thinking and brought me closer to Jesus. By reading this book, I hope you learn how to create and develop a close and powerful relationship with Jesus. Hopefully...

  • From a Christian Girl's Perspective
    205K 11.9K 107

    FROM A CHRISTIAN GIRL'S PERSPECTIVE "The internet can be used as our voice and writing this book is an opportunity for me to share my beliefs to others and fulfill my purpose of making disciples and glorifying God."-Marielle Hey! You came across this book not by accident but by His will. Whether you're curious about C...

  • The Mafia Boss Goes To Church
    98.2K 3.2K 24

    The most feared mafia boss in the world, some say he has a black heart while others say he was born without one. Merciless, Reckless, Ruthless and Murderous (MRRM ) are the words used to describe him or for short they call him the 'Dark Angel.' Dark because of his personality and Angel because of his looks. He always...

  • BitterBlue - Book two of the Bitter novels -
    29.9K 621 15

    I wasn't suppose to get stuck here. I can't stand it anymore. I can't watch his green eyes full of pain stare passed me, I can't watch him destroy his whole life because of his greif. I want to reach out and tell him I'm here but I don't know how. Gabe's trying to teach me...but I don't want Gabe and his deep blue sky...