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  • My Truth In June (Your Lie In April Sequel) [Kousei X Kaori♡]
    7.3K 145 6

    I watched "Your Lie in April" I am not ashamed to admit... I CRIED at the ending T-T Even though I cannot removed the pain, of the moment you realized Kaori died, or the other sad events that would bring you to tears, I want to try to see what happens if Kaori did not really die, and how Kousei would feel knowing...

  • Your Lie In April KaorixKousei♡Fanfiction♡
    544 7 1

    A story about a pianonist boy named Kousei and he meet a miracle person. This is my first fanfiction I hope you enjoy it!

  • The Truth in December (Your Lie in April Fan-Fic)
    6.6K 251 17

    WARNING: IF YOU HAVE NOT COMPLETED YOUR LIE IN APRIL DO NOT READ ANY FURTHER What if Kaori had survived the surgery and Kousei was able to see her at least once more?

  • Your lie in April
    83 1 1

    What if Miyozono,Kaori survive her deasies,then what if Arimo,Kousei admits his feelings the her.See how the adventures of both 14 year olds change their lives together. ___________ Authors Note: I do not own this show nor the characters I only own the book.Enjoy:)

  • Your lie in April
    4.3K 91 9

    For those of you don't know what Your Lie in April. It's an anime about music, love, loss, and many other things. This anime would take your breath, as you watch the characters grow up. Also there's only are 23 episodes! *cries*

  • Your Lie In April
    777 22 7

    When a 16 Year old girl has only her mom, dad, best friend, "boyfriend" and her crush how will she manage

  • Our Symphony -Your Lie in April-
    53.8K 1.8K 24

    An AU where Kaori's surgery becomes a success and she lives. - What if Kaori had never died and she and Kousei were able to get the happy ending they deserved? Well, the beginning of that adventure begins once Kousei finds Kaori's letter she was meant to have him read once she was gone, but seems like Kousei found his...

  • Your Lie In April Quotes
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    I do not own any of this pictures. It belongs to their owners... Well, this is my first work I ever made since I joined wattpad This story is just quotes from an anime entitled Your Lie In April... Hope y' all enjoy reading it.