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  • Bheegi Syahi (Vol.1)
    3.4K 261 50

    "Bheegi Syahi" is a collection of Shayari on Love and Life. Hope you enjoy reading! I look forward to your votes and comments💕 Follow me on instagram @bheegi_syahi Do check out my work "Kuch Is Tarah.." and "Dil se..Dil Tak.." in Hindi Poetry. Thank You for your support -Avi Bagga

  • शायरी ,कविता, प्यार और कुछ जिंदगी
    2.6K 105 57

    कुछ कविताएँ कुछ शायरी ,कुछ जिंदगी की बातें ,जिनको पढकर आप अच्छा महसूस करेंगे

  • आज़ाद कलम आज़ाद ख़याल
    9.4K 1K 50

    #1 - Shayari #2 - Poetry #2 - Indian हिंदी-उर्दू शायरी संग्रह - शिवम विनायक प्यार, रोमांस, जुदाई, दर्द, ग़म, ज़िन्दगी, प्रेरणा और बहुत कुछ... कृपया वोट व टिप्पणियां देते रहें

  • अक़्स
    5.3K 971 102

    💕💕 winner of 💕💕 ❤"Popular Choice Awards India 2019".❤ in ** ( Poetry: Hindi )** "अक़्स" "REFLECTION" When someone leave you behind for own happiness. Who's not going to come back again in your life but still you can imagine her or his presence, you can feel, you can imagine, you are living with her or his_ i...

  • Mehraam Mere ( SHEHRYAR ASIF'S FANFIC)
    873 79 7

    _________Completed________ Assalam o alikium ...!!!! This is my third story ....and its also shehyar's fanfic...I hope you guyx like it . !!! Allah hafix #shehryar asif

    Completed   Mature
  • To Fall In Love ✓
    3.4K 524 11

    Dhruv Malhotra had secrets of his own, even when his life looked perfect. But one could only keep a secret for long, and for that he had just one, Hridya Sharma. A shy girl, whom he had grown up with, a girl who was always there with him like a shadow. But there's only one problem with a shadow - you can only catch o...

    287 42 1

    JUST BREATH FOR ME A love story which born from..... ASH. A boy who loved a girl whole heartedly. For her he accepted a challenge. His only intention was made her happy. He couldn't imagine his life without her for a second. Suman loved that boy.She believed him blindly. Slowly they made their own world but suddenly e...

  • Blind Date
    6.6K 541 7

    One blind date can result in finding your soulmate !❤️

  • Her Arrogant Beast (Sequel#2 To UFW)
    389K 18K 36

    (UFW sequel#2) (Unwanted series#3) Ask me. What was my fault in all this? Just this I love him without my knowledge. I fell for him when I knew he could torn me apart. Slowly I felt lightheaded and my head hit the floor where my blood was pooled. My eyes were now completely closed and I heard the loud banging on the...

  • Bechainiya ( Slow Update)
    582 62 2

    Try to write something... about our beloved Shraman.... again. This story starts when Aditiya announced his wedding plan with Suman Tiwary...... After Preekar marriage. "Mrs. Suman Ahuja.. This name just boiling all his blood. In this moment he just wanted one thing.. broke the whole world... and squizing her throat...

  • Resurgence
    3.5K 383 10

    Mard aksar mohabbat aur izzat ke beech ke khaleej ko samajh nahi paate. Mohobbat to alfaazon ka sahara lekar bhi ki jaa sakti hai. Lekin, izzat sirf di jaa thi hai. Izaat, aurat ki aankhon main wo keemti zewar hai jo diamond aur sone ki bhi chamak ko pheeka karde. Men often do not understand the firth between love and...

  • Salute Sir
    541 93 3

    ShraMan Os series. Sassy Cadet Suman whose first language is sarcasm is all set to start new life ,preferably peaceful.But only her first encounter with Lieutenant Shravan ensures her that it would be anything but peaceful.

  • Rekindled Love
    46K 2.7K 24

    Suman and Shravan got married in an unconventional way . He wasn't happy with the decision he took hastily and walked out on his family and his wife . Two years passed and Suman was still the daughter in law of the Malhotra family without a husband . Destiny will make them cross paths again and will spark a yearn to...

  • Songs of Kabir
    1.2K 12 1

  • O' Mother
    50 6 1

    gratifying the love into words and patriotism into a poem. A poem for the Mother Land. Jai Hind!

  • Gitanjali: Song Offerings
    131 5 23

    Rabindranath's 'Gitanjali' has held a special place of pride in the hearts of his readers. It is widely regarded as an outstanding achievement of Tagore. It has stirred the imagination of many, across national boundaries through the ages. It is a hidden treasure of mysticism, philosophy and poesy. Tagore described it...

  • The Wife's Letter
    449 16 11

    Tagore's famous short story, 'Streer Patra', highlights the suffering, ignominy and neglect that women have to face in a male dominated society. Although set in late nineteenth century Kolkata, Tagore's story has relevance for the discerning reader even today. It dwells upon issu...

  • Stray Birds [Rabindranath Tagore] [ေက်ာ္လႈိင္ဦး -ျမန္မာျပန္]
    2.5K 184 27

    🔶Rabindranath Tagore🔶 I own nth (words and cover photo) but it's my idea to present with the photos I took or I browsed from internet I just want to express how I appreciate Tagore's work ❤ (Crd. to every each owner of art) ♕Tagore is my favourite poet ever ♕ ဒီစာအုပ္ေလးကို စာေရးဆရာၾကီးေက်ာ္လႈိင္ဦးက ဘာသာျပန္ထားပါတ...

  • Holding You
    28.9K 1.8K 22

    A continuation of the show Ek Duje Ke Vaaste and how I would have liked the show to pursue from Episode 150. Credits - Dilip Jha and Creatives

  • ShraMan FF - There's No One Like You
    75.2K 5K 67

    Shravan and Suman who are made for each other as we say "Ek Duje Ke Vaaste". Misunderstandings and Evil people took a toll on their lovestory and the show couldn't survive upto where it could have survived How much ever there might be reasons they had to fight, their are 1000 other reasons why they love each other so...

  • A New Understanding | Completed
    939 96 1

    A little AU One-Shot that was written for Likhavat 2.0 Hope you all enjoy!

  • Stranger - TS
    3.6K 292 3

    Love... An eternal feeling. But the object of adoration may change over a period of time. What if love itself fades away with time. Is that possible too??

  • Lawyer(One Shot) ✔
    1K 113 1

    A one shot on our beloved ShraMan of ek duje ke vaaste. Another story of a friendship and love with a predictable twist. Cover Credit: Manasvi (Manasvi96) Disclaimer: Very much predictable, don't expect to find anything new. Language: English and Hindi ©All rights reserved

  • Mere pyar ki shadi hai
    9K 858 16

    this is a short story.aditya aur sumo ki shadi ki date decide ho chuki hai 2 din baad ki.shravan due to his anger want to do the preparation.During preparations what happens let's read.

  • Her Drunken Words||ShraMan os
    591 62 1

    She was drunk.He wasn't. Shravan was prepared to handle an over expressive unpredictable Sumo.

  • When Sumo Met Shravan. .... ( Completed )
    9K 993 11

    When Sumo Met Shravan. .. ...a short story of shraman with an interesting twist. .. Ranked #8 in chiclit #166 in romance

  • Right by your side
    2.4K 181 5

    shravan faces an accident... read to know further????????

    8.7K 600 8

    Series of Shraman's Love Stories. Based on hindi serial ~ Ek duje ke vaaste